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90 Day Goals UPDATED for 2015

Achieve Your Goals in 90 Days Set your intention/goal and focus on the positive outcome.  Always choose the outcome and work backwards to break down the goal into small tasks.  What you focus on, whether positive or negative, expands. Keep a 90 Day Notebook: First you need to answer these questions.  What are your goals? … Continue reading

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Treating People Right

Treat your Hosts like Gold. They are the ones who will encourage their friends to attend the party, purchase products, give referrals, and book parties. She will also tell many people about you – and that could be a good thing or a bad thing. You want to make each and every Host you have … Continue reading

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Want to Earn $1800 CASH in April?

Want to make $1800 by the end of this month? We want 12 Busy Bees to complete this challenge! Focus on 3 sets for Mother’s Day – 1. Satin Hands Pampering Set 2. Fragrance Free Satin Hands Set 3. Simple Solutions (Body Wash n Shave, Hydrating Lotion, Lip Protector SPF 15) “Have you purchased your … Continue reading

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Twelve Month Busy Bee Consultant Plan

In strategizing how I am going to work with new consultants, I determined I need to have an example plan of action for someone to see when they start. A track to run on so to speak. Here’s what I came up with for anyone wanting a management position in Mary Kay Cosmetics. I think … Continue reading

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Detailed Plan to My #1 Life (Career) Goal

Today on Twitter I noticed a question from “TheSCICoach: QUESTION: What is your #1 life goal? And what are you doing to achieve it?  I replied AngelaBee: @TheSCICoach My #1 business goal is to be the #1 Executive Senior National Sales Director in Mary Kay Cosmetics. Book-Sell-Build-Repeat!  Our conversation followed TheSCICoach: @AngelaBee Knowing with passion … Continue reading

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Organization and Practical Suggestions for Business (Mary Kay)

Since I was little I have always been organized.  In my room all my records, cassette tapes and CDs were organized alphabetically.  Same with all my books.  I was possibly the only teenager never nagged by my Mom to clean up my room.  Then I lived with a boyfriend who was a complete and sometimes … Continue reading

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BEE Organized

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