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Guest Post: Ensuring Health Skin Year Round

As an Esthetician for 15 years I’ve seen every mistake people make with their skin, but also seen what habits really keep skin glowing and healthy regardless of the season,” says Susannah. Use SPF for goodness sake. ‘But I’m just running errands today, I’m not laying at the beach so I don’t need SPF.’ WRONG. It’s … Continue reading

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MK Focus Group

I’ve decided to have facials at my home most Monday and Saturday mornings from 10am-noon. I’m going to promote it as a MK Focus Group so that I can offer regular skin care classes, or colour, or whatever I decide to promote and get people’s opinions. I’m offering $10 off any product set to people … Continue reading

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BEE Organized

Beauty at Shoppers Drug Mart
e.l.f. cosmetics
The Honest Company

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