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Back to School: Getting Ready Tips

If you hate mornings as much as I do then going back to school and getting ready in a timely manner can be stressful.  I thought I would share some tips that I used for school and still use for work. 1. Pack your backpack (purse or briefcase) before you go to bed with everything you need … Continue reading

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How I Know Where All the Trade Shows Are

People are always asking me how I seem to know where all the business shows, expos, trade shows, fairs, bizaars, craft shows, etc are being held.  So I thought I’d tell you.  Over the years, I’ve done alot of shows and now I seem to be invited to shows before they even open spots to … Continue reading

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You Can Get Alot Done During Commercials

I have to admit that I LOVE watching TV. Soap Operas (All My Children, One Life to Live), Talk Shows (Dr. Phil, Oprah), News, Sitcoms, History shows, music videos, etc. This could impact negatively on crossing things off my “to do” list, but I have finally realized that I can get alot done during commercial … Continue reading

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Struggling with Time Management by Jackie Ulmer

December 5, 2010 Time Management – most of us struggle with this and yet we know it is critical to being successful, feeling balanced and creating more of what we want in life. As we move full speed into the Holiday season, I thought it might be a good time to share some basic skills … Continue reading

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Run Your Business ALONGSIDE Your Family Activities

Have you ever thought of doing something ALONGSIDE your family and work activities to earn extra income? That’s the questions I learned from Ilene Meckley http://www.ilenemeckley.com who encourages everyone to share their business from the heart. But how do you run a business alongside your obligations to family and/or work. Here are some ideas for … Continue reading

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Let’s Run a Full Time Mary Kay Beauty Business

Let’s Run a Full Time Mary Kay Beauty Business!  March 17, 2010  So I have a consultant who’s been with me 8 months, part time consultant, who does not want to go back to her job when her maternity leave ends (she shall remain nameless as I have more than 1 in this situation).  She’s … Continue reading

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Office Organization & Office On The Go

OFFICE ORGANIZATION FILE FOLDER HEADINGS   Applause Booking Brochures Outdated – keep 1 of each catalogue for the last 3 years MAXIMUM Christmas Coaching Class Procedures Company Promotions Customer Service Debuts/Grand Openings Hostess Programs Money Management Motivation New Consultant Information Newsletters Notes – seminar, career conference, meetings Pacesetters Preferred Customer Program Product Knowledge Recruiting Return … Continue reading

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Can You Be Duplicated?

Do you realize that your customers, guests, other unit members and your personal team members watch you? At a skin care class or at meetings they are all watching what you do and in their heads are either saying “I can do that” or “I could never do what she’s doing”. So my question to … Continue reading

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