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The Seed in the Manure #stilltalking

In continuation of my series on mental health I hope we can all continue talking, especially during this time of shut down and uncertainty.  Use the hashtag #stilltalking in your social media and #seedinthemanure for this particular discussion.

I last had an appointment with my therapist (we will call her C) in December, 2019.  In our rural area of Ontario you are allotted 8 sessions and then are placed on a wait list for another round if needed.  This is the best that can be done with the number of people needing mental health assistance.  I was doing well with little anxiety and only a minor urge to hibernate over the winter.  A  month ago the pandemic shut everything down and I had an issue in my personal life.

I’m grateful I could speak with C this morning to give an update and decide where we go in this grouping of therapy.   Near the end of our phone session I mentioned a Tweet I had sent out this week pondering the possibility that this time in our lives could be used as an opportunity to hit the reset button and design a new life for ourselves.  This is available to everyone of us.  I realize that everyone might not be at this point in their thinking and that’s OK if you have enough coping with meals, work or lack thereof.  It is something that popped into my head that I want to explore further and include a bit of positivity and future planning in my life.

Throughout our session, C and I had been describing the personal challenge I’ve been having as a pile of “manure”.  This opportunity Tweet I mentioned, became a seed in my manure analogy.  I wanted to put this out to the world for discussion.

Do you have a seed in your pile of manure?  What could your seed grow into that could add something positive to your life now or in the future?  When we get back to participating fully what do you want your life to look like?  What has been most important or most missed during the shut down?

Leave comments.  Let’s keep talking and sharing.  #stilltalking #seedinthemanure

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