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My Current Skin Care Routine October 2018

I change out my skin care products frequently because I’m always trying something new to review here on the blog.  It’s been awhile since I shared a morning or evening routine and I thought it was about time, especially since I’m using some great products right now.

Morning Routine

I switch between the Mary Kay TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser for Combination Skin and the Neutragena Deep Clean Facial Cleanser. The Mary Kay has been the cleanser I always go back to but it has been discontinued so I’m using up the couple I have in my stash. The Neutragena is alright but I probably wouldn’t repurchase.  I keep these in the shower.

I follow up with Nea Naturals Barbarry Fig Hydrating Mist for Face and Body (4 spritzes on the face), Barbarry Fig Beauty Oil (4 drops for face and neck), and Miracle Eye Serum. I am loving the Mist and Oil and my skin seems to be responding well.  I love the smell of the Barbarry Fig.  While the eye serum is nice I still find myself wanting a cream product.  I do like the roll on application of the eye serum though.  Very simple and cooling.


Avon Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion SPF 50 has been a good day moisturizer. I have about half left and I really like it.  It does what it’s supposed to do and that’s all you can ask of your skin care right?

Evening Routine


To remove makeup I use Aloette’s Aloepure Skin Care Essential Cleansing Oil. I would not repurchase this because the fragrance is too strong for my liking but it removes makeup well enough to use up and get my monies worth. If I don’t wear makeup then I cleanse with this LunnaBeauty Cleansing Facial Polish. This is a powder you shake into your hand and add a small amount of water or liquid cleanser. Rub gently all over your face and neck and wash off. I like how my skin feels and I’ll keep using this until it’s gone. It can be a bit messy if you add too much water so only add until you get a thick paste.

Some nights I use this Nea Naturals Fig & Chia Facial Polish Brightening Facial Scrub. The exfoliation is really good and it smells incredible. And the packagain, this little jar is cute! I do find it difficult to make sure all the chia seeds are removed so I suggest using a face cloth and rinsing well.


Just like in the morning I follow up with these 3  Nea Naturals products.  You can get your Nea Naturals at https://neanaturalsinc.com/   I also highly recommend their Barbarry Fig Cleansing Oil.



For a night cream I have just open Avon Anew Platinum Night Cream. I haven’t experience any tingling of the skin, but instructions say if you do then reduce the amount your are applying or wait 15 minutes after other skin care to apply.


What skin care product are you loving right now?  Let me know in the comments.

Products I received in PR: all Nea Naturals and LunnaBeauty Facial Cleansing Polish





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One thought on “My Current Skin Care Routine October 2018

  1. Hi Angela,
    Good post!! I’m glad you’re enjoying the ANew products by Avon. They really are wonderful, but then again I’m a bit biased;0 My name’s Angel and I’m a Lifestyle blogger( http://www.angelsopinion.com) & Avon Rep. Please keep me posted on your Avon use. I love hearing other’s thoughts, and of course if you need anything–keep me in mind.


    Posted by Angel Wilson | October 30, 2018, 8:22 pm

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