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Products for World Psoriasis Day

October 29, 2018 is World Psoriasis Day.  My struggle with psoriasis started in January, 2014 when I noticed a quarter sized spot on my scalp.  This quickly spread to the rest of my scalp, behind my ears, small spots on my elbows, my belly button and under my breasts.  I believe a very stressful work situation caused the sudden inflammation.  I visited my family doctor, a nutritionist, a dermatologist and then was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2016 by an arthritis specialist.  It’s been quite the journey and at some points embarasing, uncomfortable, and painful.

I tried various topical treatments but none worked to cure my issues.  At one point I could wash my hair with nothing but water and even that hurt.  I’ve also gone through several cycles where I have lost a lot of hair and then it grows back (thankfully).  The only treatment that has helped get rid of the psoriasis is the methotrexate injections I do weekly for the arthritis.  This gets rid of 95% of the plaquing as a good side effect and 100% of the arthritis pain.

Having said that, there are products that help with adding moisture and comfort to areas of psoriasis which I suggest you apply in the morning, sometime during the day and again before bed.  These aren’t cures but when the plaquing is so dry it is open like small cuts in the skin you desperately need something soothing.  Dermakalm can be found at most drug stores such as Shoppers Drug Mart and IDA in Canada.

Dermakalm was very kind to reach out and send me both the Eczema Hand and Contact Cream and the Psoriasis Cream to review. I have only been using these for 4 days but already behind my ears has reduced plaquing and less redness.  I have been applying a very small amount both morning and evening.  

Top is the Eczema Cream and bottom is the Psoriasis Cream from Dermakalm   These soak into the skin quickly and don’t leave a greasy feel.  There is no fragrance that I noticed and I will keep using both products in my daily routine.

Please share your psoriasis struggles and helpful treatments in the comments.

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