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Summer to Fall Fragrances

As we near the end of August, go Back to School and begin thinking about Fall, here are four fragrances that I plan to use during this transition period.  Some days will still be hot and humid and some (hopefully) will be a little cooler.  All have been received as free PR samples but I would spend my own money to repurchase each one if I ran out.


Sweet Honey Solid Scents in Pure Love and Pure Star

Wear these alone or mix together if you have both.  Great for travel since they are solid, but may melt in high heat since they are made with beeswax.  These are a product of Canada.  Fresh, hand poured ingredients.  Fair trade and organic. Pure Star contains notes of patchouli, mango, vanilla, and red currant.  Pure Love includes notes of lemongrass, orange, vanilla, and sandalwood.  www.sweetpurehoney.ca



Zoella Beauty Splash Botanic’Eau Body Mist LIMITED EDITION

45ml smells of light green notes with freesia and iris flowers.  I get a hint of cucumber myself.  Available at the suggested retail price of $14.99 at London Drugs, select Pharmasave and FarleyCo








So…? Wild Berries Body Mist

I also love the Pink Grapefruit version if you prefer citrus scents.  100ml (approximately 600 sprays) for a suggested retail price of $4.99 available at UniPrix, Guardian, Brunet, Pharmasave, Familiprix, Proxim, Value Drug Mart, Pharma Choice and FarleyCo




This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBee

These products get a BEE Shopping recommendation from me.

Since I like all four I just wear a different one each day in rotation.  Clearly all are BEE Shopping recommendations to get you through the rest of summer and into fall.  What fragrance do you love most at this time of year?  Leave it in the comments.



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