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Guest Post: 6 Ways to Clean Up Your Makeup Bag

eyelash-curler-1761855_960_720Thank you to Zowie Ashton for this guest post.
New Year – New me, we all have that one friend that never accomplishes his New Year resolutions. It has become quite the trend recently to start anew, when the calendar year starts. There are any kind resolutions, we promise ourselves, and we never really fulfill them, but maybe this year could be the year, who knows? One example for the ladies, why not start by cleaning your makeup bag, it’s something that a lot of women always intend to do. And here are a few tips for the massive undertaking.
The first thing you should do, is to empty your bag, take everything out, and yes even that one lipstick you are still attached to, even though you are aware that you will never use it again. So, take  everything out and flip the bag inside out, and use wet wipes to clean the inside. And since you have not washed the bag for at least six months, it has accumulated a lot of germs and bacteria, so put it the washing machine with dark clothing, of course. Now, let’s move on to next part – the content of the bag. Take all brushes, sponges, and applicators and wash them with soap and hot water, and let them dry on a towel before using them again. You can make a habit out of it and start washing them after use.  cosmetics-2116400_960_720
Let go of the past – it’s been a while, since you last used that eyeliner, wasn’t it? It might be a surprise for most people, but makeup expires, even though most of them don’t have an expiry date. And actually natural and organic cosmetics expire even faster than the rest, because they do not contain preservatives. That is why you should check online for information, or even phone the company, if you have to.
Another thing you should definitely consider is throwing away all the unnecessary stuff you always carry around with you. That way there will be more space for the mandatory items, and you will not be searching for something for a whole eternity, while others are waiting to use the mirror as well.  Even throw away things that are not expired yet, yes it is not an easy task, but you will never need them anyway. If it isn’t of any use to use to you, just get rid of it, that way it will not take up space for other handy stuff or the worthless things you will most probably replace them with, because you never know, when you are going to need it. cosmetics-1367779_960_720
Cleaner skin – another highly recommended thing to do is to the ditch the artificial beaty products and replace them with organic or natural. Organic cosmetics are much better for your skin and health, and last but not least the environment. And since it will be much cheaper for you, do not throw away all the conventional makeup right away, do it by simply replacing it with a organic one when it runs out.
Use alcohol and a cotton swab to clean all your metal tools – for example the nail clippers, pencil sharpeners, scissors, metal files, cuticle nippers. Start cleaning regularly with alcohol to reduce the chance of infection and avoid lending them to others.
Another issue is hair stuck to the brush, you can use a pen or any other object to loosen all the stuck hair, and then cut it, then wash it with soap and there it is, just like brand new.
With these 6 simple tricks, we all should be able to improve our personal hygiene and make our makeup bag great again.brush-2588168_960_720

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