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Ten Things My Mom Learned

My Mom stayed with John and I for 3 weeks while she had pneumonia.  They were renovating at her house so she couldn’t stay there in the drywall dust and mess.  It was no trouble at all for her to stay in our spare room, relax, read books and watch TV.  I find it amusing to think about what she learned during her 3 week stay and maybe you will too.





  1. I spend about 80% of my time in pajamas during the winter. I think she knew
    I loved my lounge wear, but I am pretty sure she didn’t realize that if I don’t
    have to leave the house then I just don’t get dressed.  I do shower on a regular basis, but just put on clean pajamas.
  2. Mom has discovered the joys of Netflix and especially Grace and Frankie!!  Unfortunately her rural internet isn’t fast enough for Netflix.  Highly recommend you watch Grace and Frankie because that show is hilarious.
  3. There are great TV shows on every night such as Bull, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, Chicago Med, 911, Victoria, Finding Your Roots, Kevin Can Wait, Man With a Plan The Goldberg’s and a few more I think she enjoyed.  Not sure if she has continued watching any of them but she did mention Drunk History the other day so maybe. 
  4. I watch alot of TV and YouTube.  She wasn’t into the YouTube beauty videos so much.  I think she frowned upon the amount of time she felt I wasted.  I find it relaxing.
  5. Books are awesome.  Mom almost never reads anything beyond magazines and I love books.  When I was younger she would say things like “you can’t spend you life with your nose in a book”.  I think she feels she should be doing something productive instead of reading.  She wasn’t allowed to do anything productive at our house.  Our spare room has my book collection in it and she chose a series that takes place before during and after the US Civil War.  She read 4 books while she was here and took 3 home with her.  Apparently she has read those and a friend has lent her some Danielle Steele.
  6. Don’t use a fork in John’s frying pan.  Just don’t.  John does spend 2-3 hours in his garage each evening for real not just because you are staying here.
  7. We have some really good hair and body products in our shower.  I get sent a lot of beauty products to write about on my blog so she had lots of choices in there.  I got compliments for the Head and Shoulders green apple and a mystery body wash that I received as a judge for Elle Canada magazine’s Beauty Grand Prix last year that I still haven’t removed the tape from.  They cover the whole bottle so it’s a blind test and you don’t know the brand you are judging.  I like a surprise so I only remove the tape for my beauty empties posts.  I got the feeling she thought I should take the tape off so she knew what she was using.
  8. Uncle Ben’s Bistro Express microwave rice pouches are the quickest way to have a side dish with any meal.  That 90 seconds in the microwave was so quick and they tasted good, so she got some for herself when she went grocery shopping the day before she went home.  I wonder what Rob thinks of them?
  9. I never eat breakfast and it started in my childhood.  Mom made a few comments about me not eating until later in the day.  She stopped after I reminded her that we never had breakfast before school EVER.  I liked my sleep even then and my first meal of the day was always lunch.
  10. She got a new cellphone and I taught her how to text.  This was week 3 and I think she only got one phone call and a couple texts.  Now that she’s gone home she never has it with her and doesn’t reply to texts.  #Fail  #wasteofmoney        She also doesn’t use email or social media so it’s highly unlikely she will read this.

Has your Mom ever stayed with you and your spouse for 3 weeks?  How did it go and what did they learn?  Leave it in the comments.

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