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To BEE or Not To BEE: Beauty Tools Review

This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee

Positive BUZZ rating.

Usually I talk about actual beauty products, but today I thought I’d review some beauty related tools that I have been sent for free over the past few months.  Everything has a Positive BUZZ rating this time.  Nothing is a must have, but all are good enough to purchase if they meet a need you currently have.  Beware I’m already mentioning gift giving ideas and have included links where you can purchase these items.  None are affiliate links so I don’t make any money if you purchase.





Real Techniques Brushes

Thanks to FarleyCo Marketing for sending the Eyes set in a free blogger box earlier this year.  Included is the eye shade and the blend brushes.  Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer by the way.  Both of these work very well with any eye shadows I have in my collection and I use them on a regular basis.  The rounded one works well all over the lid but especially in the crease.  The blender does just that, but also can pack on lid colours.  Highly recommend checking out any Real Techniques brushes available in Walmart and Rexall in Canada.







Grace and Stella 7-in-1 Facial Massager & Cleanser Kit

First off I love that this is pink and not very big, so it fits in my shower caddy, which is where I keep this for facial cleansing.  It’s water resistant, but the directions say to wipe dry after use.  You’ll need 2 AA batteries.  There are 7 attachments: a pumice stone for feet; a short bristle brush for your face; a makeup sponge for applying foundation; a latex soft sponge for face or body cleansing with no exfoliation; a face massager for after moisturizer; a purple one for polishing feet; and a long bristle brush for facial cleansing.  This is $12.95 on Amazon Canada.

I like all 3 attachments for cleaning the face which is how I plan to use this each morning.  I tried both the massager after putting on my moisturizer then the makeup sponge to apply foundation and I didn’t like either.  My foundation looked horrible so I ended up using a beauty sponge afterwards to blend it in.  The foot attachments are OK but there’s something I don’t like about using this for both my face and my feet.  Even with only planning to use 3 out of 7 attachments on a regular basis, I still think this is a good deal.  I’d prefer if the motor had a bit more power though.  I noticed if I press too hard the spinning slows down so make sure you let the attachments do the work and don’t exert too much pressure.  If you’ve been thinking about getting an expensive facial cleansing kit I suggest trying this one first as a starter kit to see if you will use it on a regular basis.  It’s affordable, small enough to take travelling, and has multiple uses.  I could see this being a fun gift as well.

  Grace and Stella Electric Callus Remover

Also pink!  I have horrible heals throughout the summer mostly because I don’t apply lotion since I’m not wearing socks.  I find I’m much better in the cooler months at taking care of my feet.  There’s something soothing about slathering on your favourite lotion or body butter and putting on thick socks at night.

I received this callus remover at just the right time and it’s pretty good.  You will need 4 AA batteries after ordering it for $10 on Amazon Canada.  I used this as directed on dry feet and after my experience with the facial massager/cleanser, I made sure not to exert too much pressure.  I let the callus remover do all the work and my feet were softer afterwards.  Make sure to remove the roller head to wash and dry after each use so it doesn’t get gross.  I do like this and will be using it again.  I think this would make a great affordable gift for yourself or someone else.  Maybe pair it with some fuzzy socks and a foot lotion.

Avon Oval Brushes

Avon has just added these oval brushes to their catalogue.  They are currently $19.99 (regular $50).  I’ve been seeing similar, very expensive brushes of the same shape on YouTube for about a year now.  I was so curious how they worked that I bought these right away.  Get your Avon from Julie Campbell.  Here’s a link to her Facebook page.  

The big oval brush is best for foundation and as promised the product doesn’t sink down because the bristles are densely packed.  You should need less product in the long run.  The website says you can also use this for blush, bronzer or setting powder.

The linear brush, that looks most like a toothbrush, I’ve been using for concealer.  It blends concealer in fairly well, but I still prefer a damped beauty sponge.  According to the website you can also use this for brow products and eye shadow.  In my opinion it’s a bit large to use in the brows but I can see it sweeping eye shadow on the lid well.

The small circle brush is the one that I just haven’t got the hang of.  Do NOT use this for concealer as it’s so dense it won’t spread the product in.  The Avon website suggests using this for lip or eye application.  This would be perfect is you have a palette of lip colours (which I don’t).  I have to try it out for applying eye shadow still but from the shape I think it would work best for placing dark colour in the outer corner of the eye.

What beauty tools do you suggest I try next?

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