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To BEE or Not To BEE: A Life of Death Trilogy Book Review

Remember all the stuff you had to deal with as a teenager?  Homework, crushes, school cliques, family drama, acne, hormones and psychometric abilities?  Wait, you didn’t have visions of murder victim’s final moments when you touched things?  Alex Drummond does and his first vision happens out of no where while walking to school.  In A Life of Death, All he was doing was running his hands along an old fence in front of the house of the town’s founding family.  I’ll just say there are some skeletons in that family’s closet and the present generations are as rotten as their ancestors.

I like that the author, Weston Kincade, doesn’t waste valuable time trying to explain how or why Alex has visions, he just gets on with the story.  With each vision, Alex learns to deal with his new found ability and we learn about more murders and the victims who want their killers brought to justice.  Can Alex help them?




We also see how Alex is treated by his alcoholic and abusive step father, his mother, step brother and two younger step sisters.  Our heart breaks during Alex’s conversation with his father’s gravestone, the abuse in his home, but we root for Alex and Paige’s budding romance.  I read A Life of Death in one night because I couldn’t put it down.  As soon as I finished, I emailed Weston Kincade and asked him to send me Book 2 and 3 so I could review the entire trilogy.

I’m so grateful Weston sent me all 3 of his books for free to read and review.  I hope he writes more about Alex, Paige, and their son Jamie.  Golden Bulls, book two, showcases Alex as a Homicide Detective slyly using his visions to catch a serial killer.  This one involves a high school friend in Washington, D.C., wife Paige and their son Jamie Drummond.  There’s some ancient history connections in this sequel which I love.  Can Alex and company solve this 15 year old case before the date of the next ritual killing?



Lastly is Sacrifices.  Alex’s small town of Tranquil Heights is being over run with drugs and gangs, centered at his son’s high school.  Local mountain moonshiners, including the father of Alex’s abusive step father, and a drug lord are battling it out and cremated remains keep turning up, making it not so easy for Alex to use his visions.  Alex’s son, Jamie, is having no problems using his new found abilities to help solve the murders, but they also put him directly in danger.  Book 3 is equally as good as books 1 and 2.

This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBeeThese all get a BEE Shopping and Reading recommendation from me.  They are fast paced, attention holding, crime stories with a supernatural twist that is just the right addition, with characters you come to care about.

You can check out Weston Kincade’s blog at http://kincadefiction.blogspot.com/  All book covers courtesy of Weston Kincade.

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