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Another Palette TAG

Eye shadows are my favourite makeup product to buy and the most fun for me to play with.  I saw this tag on YouTube, so a big thank you to Kailey Baute for creating this tag.  Please visit her channel.  Below are the 9 categories with pictures of my chosen palettes.

1. Your first palette
2. Your most recent purchase
3. One you regret missing out on
4. One that makes you happy to look at
5. One you’ve changed your mind about
6. One that surprised you
7. One that inspires you the most
8. One on your wish list
9. Your “no fail” palette

1. Your First Palette: Similar to these in the picture except the eye shadows were square. I can’t remember if I had the small or the large compact first from Mary Kay Cosmetics. I love that these were customizable so I chose the shades of eye shadows and blush that went inside. I would have been 19 or 20 years old and a brand new Beauty Consultant when I got these.  Before that I just had loose single eye shadows.


3. One you regret missing out on  The Lorac Mega Pro, the original one in the burgandy packaging came out for Holiday 2014 when I was a relatively new beauty blogger.  It sold out really quickly but those colours are fantastic and I still see videos where people are panning different shades and I wish I had the palette.

6. One that surprised you  A few months ago there was a notice in one of my Facebook beauty groups that a company was going out of business and everything was marked down on their website.  I love a good bargain and saw that they distributed WetnWild products.  One of the items I bought was the Petal Pusher 8 pan palette.  I love the Comfort Zone palette so I figured these would be good.  They are fantastic colours!  I must have used this palette for 2 weeks straight when it arrived and came up with some fun eye looks.

5. One you’ve changed your mind about  Before my first trip to IMATS Toronto I did alot of research and had lists of what I wanted to purchase from the companies I knew would be there.  Some were high end and some where more affordable.  For whatever reason this Styli-Style Metallic Eye Shadow palette stood out to me on their website and when I saw it in person.  It came home with me and I’ve used it a few times, but it just hasn’t held my attention.  At least this was a very affordable product.

7. One that inspires you the most  My Urban Decay Gwen Stefani palette (sorry this was limited edition) inspires me with the top two rows of neutrals and that bottom row that includes the pink, blue and gold.  Those three shadows just make me want to go bold with my eyes.  Pair the gold with the dark burgandy.  Put the blue and pink together.  Go crazy or stay in the neutrals for a quick classic look with warms or pinks.

8. One on your wish list  I just saw on Beauty News with Kay and Haley that Kevyn Aucoin is launching a Holiday 2017 Making Faces Beauty Book.  I have his actual books and used these back in the day for Mary Kay consultant training on how to do makeup on myself and others.  This is a set of 3 palettes for contouring, blush, eye liner and eye shadows that I would love to receive for Christmas.

9. Your “no fail” palette  I have to go with a custom made palette and my Mary Kay Mineral Eye Shadows for this.  I have every colour and a few that are discontinued.  These never fail to perform, inspire me for new colour combinations and just make it an all around good makeup day.  These shadows aren’t talked about enough.  If you have never tried these and you live in Canada I’d be happy to hook you up with some colours.

Leave your palette answers in the comments and consider yourself TAGGED!  Let me know if you do this post.


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