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To BEE or Not To BEE: Ingenium Naturals Four Product Review

Thank you to Ingenium Naturals for sending me some complimentary products to test and review.  I enjoyed them so much that I am now one of their affiliate bloggers.  On the sidebar of my blog and in this post you will see links to their website.  Even though I received these products for free, you know I will still give my honest opinion.  I actually didn’t like every single one of the items I was sent.  To be completely transparent I want you to also know if you use one of my Ingenium Naturals links to make a purchase, I will make a small commission.  Also Ingenium Naturals is based in Quebec so I’m delighted to write about a Canadian beauty company that makes natural, vegan, and cruelty free products!  Go check them out after reading these four product reviews.





2017-03-04-12-55-25 This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBee

This Sensi-Net Exfoilate is the first product I used from this brand and I can’t stop using it!  My husband has been using it too and really likes it.  My skin feels soft and slightly moisturized after gently massaging it over the face and neck and then rinsing off.  I find this gentle enough to use once a day.  We keep it in the shower to use each morning.  One of the key ingredients is Vitamin C and the exfoliates are pumice stone and apricot shells.  I highly recommend getting this product.  A bonus is it’s paraben free, eco-friendly, cruelty free, and vegan.







After two weeks of morning and evening use, I am starting to notice that myThis product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee redness is lighter and my skin is brighter.  The Revita Purifying Citrus Cream contains citrus essential oil so smells soooooo good that I just know I’m going to miss this when I run out.  The Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of age spots, which I haven’t noticed yet, but I think 2 weeks is too early to see that change.  I apply 2 pumps with each application and I’m a third through the bottle so I estimate a bottle would last you 6 weeks or so.








This is a picture of the Neem Detox All Natural Soap Bar.  I’ve used this once so my opinion is more of a first impression than a full review.  This soap has no real smell.  It contains neem oil and is supposed to regulate sebum flow.  You can also use this on your hair, but I haven’t tested that out yet.  I am curious about what it might do to my slightly oily hair and annoying scalp psoriasis.  I’ll keep using it and give more details in a future empties post.





2017-03-04-12-55-45This Purete No Rinse Makeup Remover is not for me.  It will remove faceThis product gets a Buzz Off rating from AngelaBee makeup, but you shouldn’t use it to remove eye makeup.  It stung my eyes when I tested it to remove my mascara.  I don’t want to have to do two steps for makeup remover and prefer a traditional cleansing oil that does it all.  Since this can’t be used on the eyes I won’t use the rest of this product, will probably declutter it and I don’t recommend this.  It has a super citrus smell though.

UPDATE:  Barbara from Ingenium Naturals has suggested those sensitive to the Purete should try Pure Tsubaki Oil instead.  You can find more information at https://theskinurein.wordpress.com/2016/09/30/the-geishas-legendary-beauty-oil/

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