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To BEE Or Not To BEE: Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Mineral Powder Review


Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Mineral Powder in the shade Taylor for light skin tones.

Will the Pressed Mineral Powder from Advanced Mineral Makeup get a BEE Shopping recommendation or not?

Trish Green, Director of Sales and Marketing did reach out to me and I so appreciate receiving this full size powder to test out and review for you.  Even if a company sends me a free product I always give my honest thoughts so you can decide if it’s a product you want to purchase and the company can use my reviews when reformulating or creating new beauty items.

I have fair skin so asked for the lightest products in their line.  They name them after celebrities so you can easily choose what works best for you.  I’m in the Taylor (Swift) light tone.  Angelina (Jolie) is medium light to medium, Eva (Longoria) is medium to medium dark, and Halle (Berry) represents the dark skin tones.  In the future I hope they add a fair and an even deeper skin tone category so they can appeal to even more of the public.


Advanced Mineral Makeup Colour Shade Card

No filter. Using Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Mineral Powder in Taylor as a setting powder.

No filter. Using Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Mineral Powder in Taylor as a setting powder.

I’ve been using the pressed mineral powder for about 3 weeks now and have used it to set my foundation and under eye concealer plus a handful of times as a powder foundation on its own.  I noticed with my large pores that it works best as a powder foundation if I have a pore filling primer underneath, but for a lazy makeup day I could wear it without the primer.  In that situation I take more time to blend in my large pore regions (chin, forehead and nose).  I feel better about my look having prepped and primed first and it gives enough coverage that I really only needed to go in under my eyes and around my nose with a small detail brush with some extra mineral powder to act as a concealer.  One application was all I needed for the redness on my cheeks so I imagine if you have issues with rosacea or acne, you would like the coverage.

As a setting powder it added coverage to my foundation and concealer and set my cream products well.  It’s water resistant, no parabens, no perfumes, no fillers, is talc free and has anti-inflammatory properties making it suitable for those with acne and rosacea.  I didn’t like the look I was getting under my eyes and tried it with several of my concealers, but have yet to find a combo that I like.  I don’t think this is the powder’s fault because it has a soft feel that glides on easily.  I’ve not been enjoying any of my concealers lately in the eye area, but that’s another story.  I’d be interested in using the AMM Perfecting Concealer with the Pressed Mineral Powder to see if that would solve my under eye issues since they should be formulated to work together.


Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Mineral Powder in the shade Taylor

Advanced Mineral Makeup was developed in 2009 by Annie Mayo, a Celebrity Makeup Artist, to use on TV and film actors.  She wanted safe and gentle products that are transfer-proof, fade resistant, free of all known irritants and look good on camera.  Another bonus is that all the products in the Advanced Mineral Makeup line provide SPF protection, colour correction, and healing properties.  This camera ready makeup is 100% vegan, paraben free and talc free.  Great for you clean and green beauty lovers out there!

To find out more and purchase your own Advanced Mineral Makeup visit www.advancedmineralmakeup.com  If you are in Canada then I suggest contacting Annie Mayo directly at 1-800-439-9936 for Canadian prices and shipping.

This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBeeI will continue using this product and am interested in trying the concealer and liquid foundation as well.  My final verdict is that Advanced Mineral Makeup Pressed Mineral Powder gets a BEE Shopping rating from me.

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