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To BEE or Not To BEE: Soakees Review

2016-07-28 18.07.07

Yes.  These look like boots made from pool liner.  Yes I did put them on my feet and yes I did enjoy my foot soak.  Thanks for wondering.  Let me introduce you to Soakees – The one and only “Slip-On and Tie Foot Bath”.

These aren’t pool liners by the way.  They are medical grade vinyl with dimensions 16″ tall, 16″ wide and 13″ from heel to toe.  Lots of room for feet of all shapes and sizes.  The black ties secure the Soakees to your legs but I didn’t tie mine on very tight since you shouldn’t walk around in them!

All I had to do was fill a juice pitcher with 5-6 cups of water plus I included a bit of body wash.  I would have preferred Epsom Salts but I don’t have any right now.  Just to be safe I put a towel on the floor in front of where I planned to sit because I always spill foot baths and basins.  I put the Soakees on each foot and filled each with half the pitcher of water to just above my ankles.  I then loosely tied them just below my knee.  I enjoyed my 20 minute foot soak, especially since I twisted my ankle yesterday.




Once done I dried one foot at a time on my towel and then dumped the water in the bathtub.  I rinsed the Soakees, dried the inside with a towel and then hung them on our shower curtain.  I plan to roll them up later tonight and store them in my nail care drawer.  I was sent these free to test out and review and I will use them again, but will I repurchase a pair after the suggested lifespan of 25 uses?

I might.  I figure it’ll be 2 years before I take 25 foot soaks so I’ll have this pair for awhile.  They are only $19.95 U.S. on Amazon or from www.Soakees.com and would make a great gift and Christmas is coming.  If my ankle swells up again I’m going to try cold or ice water and see if that helps.

I can see caregivers wanting these for the elderly so there’s no slugging and spilling a basin full of water (I didn’t spill ANY).  For anyone in a wheelchair they can stay seated and just have the Soakees put on them.  No fuss.  No muss.  If you live in a small place or just want to save room these roll up very small for storage.  I give Soakees a positive BUZZ. This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee Take a look at their website listed above.

Leave me a comment and tell me what other unique beauty tools and products you would like me to review here on the blog.

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