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To BEE or Not To BEE: Face Off Cloth Review

Thanks to Face Off for sending me one of their “amazing makeup remover” cloths for free to test and review.  I’ve always been skeptical about these micro fibre cloths claiming you don’t need a cleanser and eye makeup remover to take off your makeup each night.  I grew up on Mary Kay cleanser and eye makeup remover, but I said I try it out so here’s the photos from my first use.


This is me with whatever makeup was left from the day.  Pretty sure I had on a face primer, foundation, concealer, powder, blush, bronzer, highlight, brow pencil, eye shadows, mascara and maybe some eye liner.

I wet the Face Off Cloth with warm water and wiped off my face makeup and then my eye makeup.




2016-08-04 23.03.27


Here’s the Face Off Cloth after I was sure I’d removed everything.  No cleanser or eye makeup remover used.  Just this cloth and warm water.

I then moved on to a cotton pad with facial toner.






2016-08-04 23.03.15


This is the makeup left on my face which really isn’t much.  I’ve had cleansers leave this much residue or more.







2016-08-04 23.02.36

This is what my face looked like after using the Face Off Cloth.  I had NO mascara or eye liner residue left.






2016-08-04 23.03.40My next dilemma was how to wash this cloth.  The instructions on the box say to wash with soap and water then hang to dry.  I filled our sink with some cold water and a bit of hand soap, swished it around, rubbed it together, rung it out (repeated this a couple times) and rinsed.  I hung it up to dry and it was ready to go the next night.  Here’s what the cloth looked like after cleaning.

The Face Off Cloth is reusable and can be put through the washing machine but cannot be subjected to bleaches or fabric softeners.  For hygienic reasons you should replace your Face Off Cloth every 3-4 months (just like you mascara).





2016-08-04 19.17.03Did I mention this is a Canadian product?????  Check out the website and get yourself a Face Off for only $12.95 CDN.  Will I give up my cleansers?  No, but for those lazy nights when I just don’t feel like using an eye makeup remover, then a cleanser or a facial wipe I will use my Face Off Cloth.  I figure that’ll be at least a couple times a week at least.  If you have super sensitive skin and have problems with cleansers, then I suggest trying this out.  I give this a BEE Shopping recommendation plus these make great stocking stuffers if you like to Christmas shop early.

Leave me a comment below if you’ve tried out any micro fibre face cloths.  This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBee

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