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Panning Pro TAG! Project Pan Community Unite!

Thanks to FortWorthFamous for starting this Tag on YouTube.

1) How did you learn about project panning? What was your first impression?  I first saw project panning on YouTube and thought it was a great idea to set goals to use up makeup products.  I was surprised at how quickly some products could be used up and how looooong other could take.

2) What is the hardest thing you’ve panned? The easiest?  The most difficult items to pan are pressed face products like blushes, bronzers and highlighters.  So far I have finished one bronzer, no blushes or highlighters.  The easiest things to pan are products in my daily routine like skin care, setting sprays, primers but for cosmetics the easiest are eye or lip crayons and light coloured eye shadows like a matte white.

3) Have you attempted a Pan That Palette? Why or why not?  Heck no!  I like changing my colours so much that I would get bored with just one palette.  What I did at the beginning of the year was assign certain eye shadows to groups to use each week of the year so I can rotate through everything within 6 months.  I’ve been decluttering as I go.  I like this better than Pan That Palette, although I admire those who can pan a whole palette.  Maybe I should choose a small trio or quad to pan instead.

4) Has panning affected your makeup buying habits? If so how?  When I feel the urge to buy something new, I now think about how many others of that item I already have and how long it would take to finish them up.  One bronzer took me almost a whole year to use and lipsticks are really difficult.

5) What do you plan to pan next?  I am currently panning a it Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Illumination in Fair, Benefit POREfessional Primer, They’re Real Mascara, Marcelle Revival Firming and Brightening Cream Serum, and e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit, although these aren’t in a seasonal project right now.  2016-07-08 22.48.53.jpg

6) Where do you get your panning inspiration/motivation?  I follow some panners on Instagram and watch a lot on YouTube.  I recommend Amber F, Glamour with Grace, and Curious Sparkles.

7) What is your favorite thing about the panning community?  I like how positive the comments are, encouraging, giving ideas on other ways to use a product that seems to be hanging around.  The support if fantastic and I wish I did YouTube videos too.

8) If you’re currently project panning what one item is giving you the most trouble?  Right now I’m wanting to change my everyday makeup bag more frequently and that means it’s difficult to pan or finish up anything except daily skin care.  I find for makeup lip products and eye liners are the most difficult.

9) How long do you plan to project pan? Do you see yourself stopping at any point?  I don’t think I will stop project panning as long as I’m blogging.  I should join in on a new seasonal project soon.

10) Would you recommend panning to others? How would you explain it?  Yes!  It’s so much fun to see how much product you use at each monthly update.  Even if you don’t want to share your progress on social media, you could still make a mark on the 1st of each month with your skin care, body care, and cosmetics to see what you’ve used.  You’d be surprised how quickly you go through some items, while others you think you use up last you longer than you thought.  For example, I thought I went through toner more than moisturizer, when in fact I might use 3 moisturizers to every one toner.  Also if I don’t leave the products out on my counter and vanity then I forget and use other things.  I have to have a visual plan to pan makeup products.

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