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To BEE or Not to BEE: Nea Naturals Cleansing Oil Review

2016-03-13 17.46.29I connected with New York State based, Nea Naturals, on Twitter a few weeks back.  They were kind enough to send me their Barbary Fig Cleansing Oil for all skin types for free to test out and review on my blog.  I’ve been using it consistently each night to remove my makeup and I really like how this cleansing oil is performing.  I prefer cleansing oils anyway for makeup removal since it means only one step versus using a separate eye makeup remover and cleanser two step.  Anything to be more efficient right?

The first thing I noticed is Nea Naturals is more liquid than previous cleansing oils I’ve used, not that that’s a bad thing just something to note.  One pump is enough to cleanse both face and neck which goes farther than my other oils so I’m hoping this one will last me longer.  I massage the oil over dry skin and then add a small amount of water to the face.  Rinse with a washcloth and all makeup, even waterproof mascara, is gone.

The second thing I noticed is the beautiful fragrance and the fact that you can still smell a hint of it when you go to bed.  I found this spicy scent very relaxing due to the essential oil blend detailed below.  Ingredients include almond oil, rice bran oil, camellia oil, hazelnut oil, algae extract, barbary fig oil with the essential oil blend (clary sage, rosewood, clove, blood orange, jasmine, vetiver, ylang-ylang, lavender, and patchouli.  There are no parabens or sulfates, but there is that nut oil, so be aware if you or someone near you has a nut allergy.  It is also gluten free.

From the website: www.neanaturalsinc.com  “Nea Naturals Inc. is an all natural skin care company founded in 2014 by Estheticians Jill Vozza and Vashti Kelly-Ferrine.  Our formulas are artisanally hand-crafted and made in small batches to ensure its integrity. These blends are made with as many fair-trade sources as possible and are vegan by nature. We stand behind strict cruelty-free policies.”

Since Nea Naturals is hand crafted with exceptional ingredients, you will be investing a bit more in your skin care routine, but if that’s important to you than $32.50 US funds is worth it, in my opinion.  I’m hoping our Canadian exchange rate evens out soon because there’s a ton of US products that I have my eye on, including the rest of the Nea Naturals line that I’d like to check out.  You can purchase the Barbary Fig Cleansing Oil at their website, along with the Hydrating Mist, Beauty Oil, Chia Polish and Lip Balm.

This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBeeThis Barbary Fig Cleansing Oil is a great addition to your evening pampering routine and is a BEE Shopping recommendation from me.  Follow Nea Naturals Inc. on Twitter too!


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