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Project Pan Challenges

LOVE to Project Pan Finish 14 By February 14th Finale

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!  This is the finale for my Finish 14 by February 14th and I think this was a fail.  I just could not commit to using some of these products every….single….day.  I did use up some and made good progress on others, so lets check out where I ended up.  All completed products in 2016 will also count in my MakeUp Use and Products I Want to Use Up 2016 Collab.

Products to Finish Up Completely
2016-02-14 13.46.13FAIL! Smashbox 24 Hour Photo Finish Shadow Primer (see my progress with the lines)  Prevents eye colours from creasing.  Give it a try I really like this and will continue with the tube to finish it up.  After I use up two other eye primers I would consider purchasing this one.



EMPTY #1!! e.l.f. Poreless Face Primer in Clear

Due to its affordable price I may repurchase this again in the future, but it’s not as good as my Benefit The POREfessional.






2016-02-14 14.19.31  FAIL! e.l.f. HD Lifting Concealer in Fair (you can see my progress with the marker lines)

This is a great affordable concealer for the face, but not for brightening the under eye.  I will keep this in my daily makeup bag and use it up.  Once I get through a bunch of other concealers I would consider repurchasing.



2016-02-14 13.45.29FAIL!  sallygirl Lip Color in Curfew (you can see how much I’ve used by the lines on the paper)  I don’t seem to be making much progress even though I apply it once every day.  I am the worst at using up lipsticks and am sick of this colour so will put it away in my collection for awhile.



2016-02-14 13.48.37 2016-02-14 13.48.10 2016-01-13 00.25.11

DECLUTTER!  Sally Girl Lip Gloss applicator fell apart so I’m tossing this gloss.  Enjoyed the colour though.  EMPTY #2!! Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Red Passion (deluxe sample), EMPTY #2!! Mary Kay Lip Gloss in Berry Sparkle (deluxe sample).  I can’t get anymore out of the tubes even though it looks like there might be more inside.  I like both these colours, but there is shimmer in both and you can feel it on your lips which I hate.

      2016-02-14 13.47.43

EMPTY #3!!  Mary Kay Mineral Eye Shadow in Honeyspice.  Love this colour on my lids and have already opened a fresh one for my Mary Kay palette (one of every available shade), but will use some other eye shadows for awhile.

Products to Hit Pan On


FAIL!! Julep Highlighter – can you see any change?  I gave up on this.  It might take years to get through this highlighter.

   2016-01-13 00.22.16

PANNED #3!! e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Ash: Hit Pan on the powder (right) side.  This is my every day brow product so the pan is getting larger on both sides.  I intend to use this up completely in 2016 and highly recommend you give this a try.

    PANNED #2!! Mary Kay Mineral Eye Shadow in White Lily has pan in it so I’ve put it away to work on the other eye shadows.  PANNED #1!!  Mary Kay Mineral Eye Shadow in Granite

  FAIL!! Mary Kay Blush in Golden Copper has no change.  I gave up using this too because I just wasn’t feeling this colour all the time.  I will continue using it as it’s usually one of my favourites.

    2016-02-14 13.46.36

FAIL!  Smashbox PhotoOp Eye Shadow Trio in Filter: Hit Pan on all three colours

I can see a change in the Vanilla and light brown in person, but it’s difficult to see in these photos.  I was putting Vanilla all over my lid and brow bone every time I did my makeup and using the light brown as a transition shade.  These are all well pressed into the pans so could take awhile before hitting pan and using up which is good value for your money.  I highly recommend this small palette to travel with or take on the go for touch ups.  The browns could be used for brow powder depending on your colouring and the vanilla as an under eye setting powder.  I’m leaving this in my every day makeup bag because I love it so much.

Results: 6 goals accomplished out of 14 and good progress made on a couple others.  Leave me your results in the comments below if you did this seasonal project pan challenge.

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