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January 2016 Beauty Empties

As always here’s all the products I used up in January, plus two from John.  These empties count towards my Collab for Makeup Use Up and Products I Want to Use Up for 2016.  See those numbers at the end of this post.  Some empties are also part of various project pan challenges I’m working through.  A bee with shopping bags mean I recommend going out and buying this product.  Two bees buzzing is a positive buzz meaning I liked the product but it’s not a must have.  BUZZ off means I didn’t like it and I don’t recommend it to others.


Foundation 1/4, Makeup Remover 1/4, Lip Gloss 1/6, Skin Care 6/16, Body Wash or Hand Soap 2/8, Body Lotion or Hand Cream 1/12, Shampoo or Conditioner 3/8


2016-01-02 12.58.19Eve Pearl The Flawless Face Palette in Light CreamThis product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBeeYou may remember this from my Pan That Palette 2015 project.  I did finish the blush, but decided I was OK parting with the little bit of highlighter and mattifier that were left.  I will repurchase this palette again when I have used up my other cream concealers, blush, foundation and highlight.  It’s fantastic to travel with.


2016-01-13 00.25.11Mary Kay Nourishine Plus Lip Gloss in Berry Dazzle This product gets a Buzz Off rating from AngelaBee

The colour of this sample gloss is perfect, but the sparkles in it can be felt while you’re wearing it.  That drove me crazy.  I won’t be opening a full size.  If you can deal with the sparkles then this is a great fall and winter colour.


2016-02-02 21.36.51 Benefit Cosmetics Hello Flawless Oil Free Oxygen Wow Brightening Makeup  This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBee  I really love this foundation and when I use up some others in my collection this one is on my list to purchase.  It works best applied with a beauty sponge, not a brush.




2016-02-02 21.41.35Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover  This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBee

This is my holy grail eye makeup remover.  I’ve never worn anything that this couldn’t take off.  It’s a two phase product that you need to shake up and then just squirt some on a cotton round.  Sit on your eye lid for about 10 seconds and then gently wipe away your makeup.  Follow with a cleanser on the rest of your face.  As a bonus I find this conditions my eye lashes.



2016-01-20 15.30.47Rodan + Fields Enhancements Micro-Dermabrasion PasteThis product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBee This sample was enough product for John and I to each try it out and I LOVE it!!  It has a friendly citrus smell and my skin was left feeling incredibly soft.  I would suggest checking out the Preferred Customer Program for a discount.    For more details you can visit my friend’s website at inge.myrandf.com/ca


2016-02-02 21.35.55 Pur-lisse pur-delicate gentle soy milk cleanser and makeup remover This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee

This cleanser worked well at removing eye makeup, even tough liquid eye liner and mascara.  I would use this again if I got another sample.



2016-02-02 21.39.49 Avon Anew Vitale Gel Cleanser This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee

I travelled with this small size of cleanser and it worked well.  It’s not something I have to have in my routine as there’s other cleansers I enjoy more.  I like the gel texture, but I don’t know that I noticed a brightening of my skin, which is what the Vitale line is for.




2016-02-02 21.39.39 Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee

I loved this serum, but the price for a full size is almost $90 CDN, so I won’t be buying a full size.  It is designed to boost the results of your other skin care products.





2016-02-02 21.38.59 Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm with Aloe, Carrot, Kendi, and Myrtle This product gets a Buzz Off rating from AngelaBee

I did not like this sample size balm.  It was very liquidy and I much prefer a lotion or cream for my face.  I also thought the fragrance of it was overpowering.  I wouldn’t purchase this face balm.




2016-02-02 21.41.10 BioRepublic Cucumber Breeze Soothing Fiber Mask with Vitamin E This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee

Sheets masks are a new favourite of mine.  This one was good.  My skin felt very soft the next day.  I would buy another of these in the future.




2016-01-29 22.14.13The Face Shop Character Mask Soothing in Apple This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBee2016-01-28 22.41.07

I really enjoy face masks and this one from The Face Shop in Apple scent was pretty good for my skin, but super hilarious for selfies.  The mask looks just like the monkey picture on the package.  My husband thought I looked really creepy, but I would purchase some of these again mostly for the fun of it.



2016-02-02 21.35.08 Garnier Fructis Fortifying Shampoo Damage Eraser This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee

I enjoyed this shampoo when I first received it before my psoriasis got really bad.  John used the last third of the bottle up.  It really does repair split ends and damaged hair.  If you have those issues I suggest this shampoo and it’s matching conditioner.





2016-02-02 21.41.22 Caviar CC Cream 10-in-1 Complete Correction Leave In Hair Protector This product gets a Buzz Off rating from AngelaBee

This sample left my hair feeling crunchy and dirty.  I would not use this again.  If you’ve used it, tell me in the comments how it made your hair feel.  Maybe I used too much?





2016-02-02 21.34.42 Herbal Essences Wild Naturals Rejuvenating Conditioner This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee

This is a good conditioner that both John and I used.  I’d purchase it again when we run out of our stash.  Click here to read my original review.





2016-02-02 21.34.53 Olay Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter Body Wash This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee

I liked this travel size bottle of body wash, but I won’t repurchase.  It was creamy, softened skin, and good to travel with.





2016-02-02 21.40.04 Avon Naturals Body Care Energizing Green Tea & Verbena Hydrating Shower Gel This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBeeWe go through one of these each month and I will purchase more when I run out.  They are hydrating, leave your skin feeling super clean and all smell great.  Visit Julie’s Facebook page to order.  I believe all these shower gels are currently $2.99 each.





2016-02-02 21.34.18 Avon Moisture Therapy Daily Skin Defense Hand Cream This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee  I kept this on my night stand to apply once a day.  It moisturized well.  I have lots of hand creams in my stash so I won’t be needing more anytime soon.






2016-02-02 21.38.36 Arm & Hammer Pro Sensitive Frosted Mint Whitening with Baking Soda Toothpaste This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBeeThis is our favourite brand and type.





2016-02-02 21.33.34 Gillette Clear Gel Wild Rain Deoderant and Speed Stick Power Fresh Antiperspirant are John’s.  He sees me keeping my empty products all month long and started tossing his in the container too.  He asked me not to buy the Gillette again because he doesn’t like the scent.   This product gets a Buzz Off rating from AngelaBee





2016-02-02 21.38.15 Acuvue with Hydraclear Oasis Contact Lenses with UV Blocking This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBee

I thought I’d add in my preferred brand of contacts.  Who else wears contacts?  Leave me a comment!





2016-02-02 21.39.15 Opti-Free Pure Moist Multi-Purpose Disinfecting Solution This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBee

I haven’t found much difference between contact lenses solutions.  This travel size bottle was as good as any I’ve tried.




2016-02-02 21.33.07 Autumn Glow ScentPlus Melts from Partylite This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBee

One of my favourite scents for fall and winter.  The fragrance lasts about 4 days with each cube that is melted.  You can have a look at all the options here on Gayle’s website.

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