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Five Friday Faves #12

2016-02-05 21.52.54

Embryollisse Lait-Creme Concentre is for all skin types.  I only need the size of a nickel to cover my face and neck both morning and evening.  This is a cult favourite for makeup artists, celebrities and models and I can see why.  It’s now one of my favourites too!  It can be used as a primer, a moisturizer, and a makeup remover.  I use it as a nourishing moisturizer for hydrating my skin.





2016-02-02 20.49.22

Nutella – eaten straight out of the jar with a spoon












2016-02-05 21.53.34Homido Mini Virtual Reality for Smartphones  www.homido.com  Just download the Homido Center on your Android or iPhone.  Choose, install and launch an App.  Clip the Homido Mini in the center of your smartphone screen.  Hold it against your forehead and look around you in 360.  This works best with your contact lenses not your glasses if you wear them.  I’ve tried both.  Can be used with any app involving virtual reality tours, games, etc.  Folds up to fit in your pocket.




2016-01-30 23.26.52

Aero Truffle Milk Chocolate Bar is my weekly grocery store treat.


 This was Olivia’s Rainbow Dash look that I did for Halloween.  My niece is hilarious, confident, and one of my favourite people.  This is one of my favourite makeup looks.








This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBeeSince these are favourites, you can assume they are all BEE Shopping rated.  For an explanation of this blog post series and how I got this idea, just read Five Friday Faves Intro.

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