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Project Pan Challenges

Pan That Palette Finale

In January, 2015 I challenged myself to use up this entire Eve Pearl Flawless Face Palette before the end of the year.  Below you can see where I started in January, my first update in mid-March, my mid-July progress, mid-November update and the finale on Dec. 31st.  Scroll down to see did I or didn’t I empty the palette?

Jan. 102014-11-27 Eve Pearl Cream Palette  2015-03-15 12.54.43Mar. 15

July 142015-07-14 22.46.32  2015-11-01 14.29.57Nov. 1

2016-01-02 12.58.19December 31


After using up almost all of this palette, I’ve decided I would use the foundation and concealers again.  I enjoyed the cream blush and highlight but am tired of using the same ones day in and day out.  The yellow mattifier is the only product I don’t really have a use for.  Originally I used it as an eye shadow primer, but found it creased.  I then used it to cover redness on my cheeks and that worked OK, but I don’t really need that extra step each morning.  I plan to finish up both the blush and highlight in 2016 in a project pan or seasonal challenge but for now I’m going to put this palette away and use some other products I’ve been neglecting.

This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBeeThe Eve Pearl Flawless Face Palette (all cream products) is a great value and I would recommend checking it out. Fantastic for travelling too with it’s sturdy, sleek packaging.

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