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To BEE or Not To BEE: Slanky Invisible Body Warming Underwear Review

  Thank you to Slanky for sending me their Invisible Body Warming Women’s Underwear free to review.  Here is a pic of the packaging which is just right for Christmas gift giving.  I was sent the cinnamon coloured version that comes down over your hips, but there is one that stops at your waist as well.  You can get different colours to match your skin tone.  It’s sheer like pantyhose which wouldn’t add bulkiness to your outfit even though you’re wearing an additional layer.  The small of my back tends to get cold so I thought this would be fantastic for the winter.  I was anticipating something like a longer, thin tank top, but with sleeves.



The day I decided to wear it I was going to be out doing errands and was wearing jeans and a casual top.  I first tried to fit my arms through over my head like a shirt but that didn’t work well at all because I’m big through the chest if you get my meaning.  I then stepped through it like a dress and that worked much better because it’s cut to sit under your bra.  Then it came time to put my arms in the sleeves.  I should clarify that I am experiencing a flare up of what I’m guessing (waiting on confirmation) is psoriatic arthritis and that I’m a bit overweight. It’s basically like trying to pull pantyhose up your legs but with only one hand.  They aren’t kidding when they say it’s body hugging and won’t add bulk.  My husband had to help me get my arm into one sleeve and we didn’t bother trying the other arm.  I was sweating by then, so I agree the Slanky will keep you warm, but I was so fed up I gave up on getting into it.

The Slanky I received was in Queen size (the largest available) as I requested but I don’t think I could have dealt with wearing it 5 minutes let alone an entire day.  It was so tight and it’s possible that I’m too large for their current sizing range.  In the below you can see the Slanky, plus a of my hand so you get a sense of the material.


This isn’t a bad concept, as I feel it’s well made, would travel well and is machine washable, I just don’t think it’s for me.  I’m not going to give it a BUZZ Off rating, because I think many women (those not overweight or experiencing arthritis pain) would like the Slanky.  I’m also not going to give the Slanky Lace Body Warming Underwear a Positive BUZZ, because I couldn’t even get it on by myself to wear it for a few hours and properly get a sense of how it works.  There are 2 styles, 4 colours, and cost is $24.00 or $26.00 depending on the style you choose (in US funds).


I’m suggesting you visit their website and decide for yourself if the Slanky could be for you.  Here’s a link to the website to check them out.








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