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To BEE or Not To BEE: The Knot Dr. Review

I remember all those mornings as a kid, having my Mom brush and style my hair for school.  My hair was so tangled that it was a daily struggle for her to get me to sit still.  It hurt my head so much and there was a lot of tears.  I recall my Aunt telling me that if I brushed my hair twice daily that my head would get used to the pain and someday it n hurt anymore.  She was right, but what about all the hair that would break and stay in my  all these years.  I can’t believe I’m not completely bald!

If you have a daughter and can identify with my childhood story, or as an adult you have longer hair, I recommend getting The Hybrid Detangler hairbrush from The Knot Dr..  I now have hair that is a bit longer than my shoulders and it still gets pretty tangled.  Hardly any hair breaks and comes out in The Knot Dr. brush.  Because of the flexible bristles it cuts through matted hair without pain whether it’s wet or dry.  Brushing your hair is quick and painless.

Instructions from The Knot Dr. Website “Gently brush the full length of hair from scalp to ends without lifting the brush or tugging the hair. Repeat this process several times until the knots have been removed and your hair restored to its natural beauty and shine.”

This product gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from AngelaBeeThe epoxy massage tip on each bristle means no more scratching and digging into the scalp too.  I don’t use heat tools very often, but if you do, I want to mention that this is a heat-resistant brush with a comfortable handle made of polycarbonate.  I received the   in Fuchsia Pink free for reviewing purposes after The Knot Dr. contacted me on Twitter.  You can see their entire range of products at www.theknotdr.com and if you sign up for their mailing list you can get 15% off your first purchase.

Bee ChristmasThe Pro Brite Hybrid Detangler gets a BEE Shopping recommendation from me and would make a great Christmas gift.


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