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To BEE or Not To BEE: Secret Clear Gel Clinical Deoderant

2015-10-01 17.51.01Thanks to BzzAgent and Secret for sending me this deluxe size sample of Secret Clear Gel Clinical Anti-Perspirant/Deoderant  in the Completely Clean scent (which is the only scent available).  This is “clinically proven extra-effective wetness protection”.

I have used this exclusively since receiving it a month ago.  I enjoyed the scent and it really did keep things dry, especially during events and busy days.  The clear gel is great
because it doesn’t show if you happen to get some on your clothing.
This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBeeSince this size lasted me a month, I would project a full size 39g deoderant would be 8+ weeks of use.  I did two clicks of the gel for each armpit.  If you have issues with alot of wetness under your arms, then I recommend trying this out.  Since I don’t have this issue and don’t feel I require clinical strength, I would only purchase this particular item if it was on sale and I had a coupon making it less expensive than the invisible solids I normally buy.  This gets a Positive BUZZ from me.


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