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Decluttering My Beauty Stash

A very popular video on YouTube is the Decluttering of Makeup Collections.  I’m not going through my whole collection as most of it has been purchase in the last 18 months, but having been a Mary Kay Consultant for almost 20 years, I do have some Mary Kay products that are super old and some colours that don’t look good on me.  Most of these I pulled from my inventory to use personally and a couple I found in my limited edition basket and they had separated in their container.  Please consider this a reminder to check your stash regularly and dispose of old and expired products AND routinely change up what you use on a daily basis to cycle through all your makeup, hair, skin care, and body care products so they don’ go bad before you have a chance to enjoy them.

Mary Kay At Play Jelly Lip Glosses in Violet Vixen, Teddy Bare, and Poppy Love.  I opened these about a year ago and they are so sticky that I never reach for them.  This product gets a Buzz Off rating from AngelaBeeThe Violet Vixen colour doesn’t look good on me and the Teddy Bare has started to separate.
I found a Mary Kay Dusty Pink Lip Liner inside an old inventory colour case and it is at least 10 years old so I’m not even going to give it a try.  Unfortunately it looks brand new and this was one of my favourite shades.

A past holiday limited edition Mary Kay product that I enjoyed for years is this Be Radiant Baked Powder in Dusk.  This was the first baked makeup item I had ever seen and used.  It says on the back it was made in 2010 so 5 years is old enough for me to decide I don’t want to put it on my face.  It was a great blush, plus I used it as eye shadow and if you could get your brush into just the light portion that was a good highlighter.

2015-10-08 17.42.35Why would I have opened a white gel eye liner?!?!?!  When did I think I was going to rock that in a look?  This is called White Daisy, from a Spring limited edition collection and it says it doesn’t expire until this November, but it smells funny and I’ve had it open for at least a couple years.  It’s still creamy and I wish I’d thought to use it as a cream eye shadow base because once it dries it doesn’t budge.


This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBeeThis weekend I went through my little basket of limited edition Mary Kay products from past collections and found two nail polishes separated in their bottles.  I did shake them up and they’re only a couple years old, so I’m going to pass them on to a family member so someone uses them but 2015-10-08 17.42.53I don’t want to hold on to them to use myself (I have lots of polish) and I don’t feel comfortable selling them to a customer or giving them as a gift with purchase.  These are Lemon Parfait and Carefree Coral.   If you are in Canada and don’t already have a Mary Kay Consultant, I’d be happy to assist you with your beauty needs angelabobier@gmail.com

I keep two white wooden containers on the back of our toilet with hair care and body care products in them.  The idea was so I would use them, but I just don’t use a lot of hair care products and never have.  I’m am the queen of air drying, no style products, and pony tails.  I am throwing out these two L’Oreal Hair Expertise products only because they are old and past their 12 month recommended usage labels.  Total Repair 5 Replenishing Detangling Care and the Night Elixir.  I did use up one of the Night Elixirs before I goThis product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBeet scalp psoriasis so I know I liked it but I’ve never had a problem with tangles so rarely remembered to use the spray.  I would recommend both of these if they are still available.  My bottles both say they are “NEW” and I believe I had high value coupons when I purchased them.

Avon Skin So Soft fresh & smooth sensitive skin Facial Hair Removal Cream I’ve only had for maybe a year, but the top of the tube has split open.  I think I used it once when I first got it but I don’t remember whether it worked well or not so I’m not going to give it a rating.  I LOVE the Hair removal for legs in this range so I expect this would perform well too.  You can visit my Avon Representative, Julie, at her Facebook Page.

I recently finished up a hair spray (took me years) and the next oldest one in my stash was this Pantene FineThis product gets a Buzz Off rating from AngelaBee Hair Spray in 3 Extra Strong Hold.  I would have bought this with a coupon back in my extreme couponing days.  I used this once and the smell is awful, over-powering, and immediately went into my empties/declutter bin.  I can’t even say whether it worked well because I didn’t spray enough to do my entire head of hair.  One spray was enough for me.  This is a BUZZ Off rating for sure.

So that’s everything I’ve decluttered recently and my thoughts on each one.  What have you decluttered lately?  Leave me a comment.

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