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Project Pan Challenges

13 By Halloween Update 1

Can you believe it’s September already and I’m posting something on my blog about Halloween?!?!?  Technically it’s really about beauty products I want to use up before Halloween so I can crack into all those darker berry tones for Fall.  If you are familiar with project pans then maybe skip ahead to the pictures to see my progress and finished items, if you aren’t familiar….keep reading.  Many bloggers and YouTubers participate in challenges to use up beauty products sometimes with a deadline, like this one.  I’ve chosen 13 makeup, hair, body, or skin care products that I really like to completely use up by October 31.  I’ll have one more update after this one and then the finale.  I’ve also been posting spoilers on my Instagram account.  You can follow me@angelabobier by clicking this link.

2015-08-03 22.02.45

#1  Mary Kay CC Cream in Very Light        EMPTY August 3rd

#2  Mary Kay Pink Sand Lip Crayon I expect to be finished by my next update since there isn’t much left (see pic below).

#3  Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow is still holding up, but is getting clumpier so even if there is still product inside the tube at Halloween, I’m going to stop using it because I will have had it opened for 7 months, but I think it’ll give out sometime this month.

#4  Benefit Cosmetics It’s Potent Eye Cream deluxe sample size  EMPTY August 28th

2015-08-03 22.05.28Intro2015-09-02 18.20.11Update 1

2015-09-03 23.04.12

#5  Smashbox Photo Finish Primer deluxe samples size only has about 7 uses left so it will also be done by my next update.  You can see my progress with the blue lines.

2015-08-03 22.03.15#6  Rimmel London Bronzer – I’ve hit pan!!!!
I still use 2015-09-03 23.03.54this every day and while I like it, I’m getting sick of this bronzer and want to change it up a bit and use some other ones.
Update 1————->

I’ll be keeping track of my progress with this sheet of paper.2015-08-25 19.54.07

#2  Mary Kay Pink Sand Lip Crayon

#7 Julep Duel Ended Kohl Eye Liner one side is black and the other brown.  This is the only one I’m worried about whether or not I can use it up by the deadline.

#8 Cover Girl The Super-Sizer Mascara is not something I can see through the tube so I have no idea how much is left.  Since at the end of October I will have had it open for over 3 months, I’ll be calling it quits and opening a new one.

2015-08-03 22.02.08

#9 Jergens BB Body Lotion  EMPTY as of July 27th

#10 The Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter EMPTY August 4th

2015-08-03 22.01.38

#11 and #12

L’Oreal Hair Expertise Fibralogy Shampoo EMPTY August 16 and Conditioner EMPTY August 13

2015-07-31 14.13.08

#13 Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara in Blue Smoke  EMPTY July 24

Let me know if you are doing any project pans or challenges.  I’d love to follow your progress.  Leave me a comment!

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