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Review: Bio-Seaweed Gel Soak Off LED Gel Polish

2015-08-03 21.56.13  I want to start out my review my stating that I am not the best at giving myself a manicure or pedicure that looks fantastic.  I just don’t have a steady hand or the patience to wait out drying times between coats.  I did get a manicure last November at Toronto IMATS from Bio-Seaweed Gel and loved it!  It lasted for at least a month with no chipping, so I jumped at the chance to receive 2 complimentary nail polishes and a top coat to use and review for you.  I’ve inserted a photo of my IMATS manicure (ignore the awful cuticles).  2014-11-22 13.16.38

This formula requires no LED light, but does require sunlight.  Apparently I tend to want to do my nails on cloudy days or at night, so it took me over two weeks before I got to do my manicure.  I did a first attempt but I think it was too shady where I was sitting outside on my deck because the polish never fully dried.  On the positive side, they aren’t kidding when they say you can soak your nails in water for 5 minutes to remove the polishes.  It really works!

2015-08-03 21.55.26On my second attempt things worked out a bit better for sunlight and since I wanted to try both colours in one go, I did one on each hand.  I have Halifax and Winnipeg from the Summer 2015 collection that are all named after Canadian cities.  I’ve posted the entire colour selection below.  I love the glossiness and colours I chose because they are unique to my stash of polishes.  Both polishes dried well outside, but the Top Coat never dried and remained sticky and tacky for over an hour.  At that point I went ahead and soaked my nails for about 5 minutes and removed everything.

2015-08-11 18.02.48

2015-08-11 18.03.56My preference would be to use these with a UV or LED lamp so you don’t have to rely on sunshine for curing and you can polish your nails any time, any place.  What do people do who aren’t able to sit outside to do their nails?  What about wintertime?

<—Halifax     Winnipeg –>

I am giving the two polishes a Positive BUZZ provided you use a lamp for drying.  I am giving the Top Coat a BUZZ off because it never did dry.  I do NOT This product gets a positive Buzz rating from AngelaBeerecommend bothering with solar and sunshine because it just isn’t convenient.  If I had to recommend colours to try, I would still choose Halifax, but find Winnipeg is too light for my skin tone so would go for fun colours like Victoria and Yellowknife.

Because of my great results at IMATS, I am also going to give the entire company a Positive BUZZ and encourage you to visit their website http://bioseaweedgel.com/

UPDATE August 12 from BioSeaweed: “The best method to curing in the sun is to wait for a full sunny day (around noon is best) and then holding your hands towards where the sun is shining.“

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