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Project Pan Challenges

Finish 7 by Spring Finale

Thanks for following my journey to finish up seven beauty products by March 20.  I am including my starting pictures, updates and finale.  Did I finish them all?!?!?!

2014-12-31 16.35.35 2015-02-22 20.25.05  EMPTY #2!!! e.l.f. Essential Soothing Lip Balm:  They are very moisturizing, smell great and are super affordable at only $1.00 each.  I used up two during this project pan and have a third half way done.

2014-12-31 16.35.12 EMPTY #1!!!  sample of Arbonne Corrective Eye Creme:  This was used up before my first update.  I decided I am not a fan as it stung my eyes.

2014-12-31 16.35.01 Julep Blank Canvas Mattifying Face Primer:  LOVE this!!  Because of the black container I cannot see how much I have left and still have lots left.  Every time I thought I was close to finishing, more was in there.

2014-12-31 16.46.41Before2015-01-28 18.50.42Update 12015-02-24 21.15.37Update 22015-03-21 16.51.23Finale Photo of Landeva Organics Oatmeal & Pink Clay Soap:  LOVE this too!  I cut this soap in half to use in the shower and as a facial cleanser.  Now just the shower half is left.  I really thought this would be done by the deadline, but there’s at least a week’s worth still left.  I already have a back up.

2015-03-21 16.48.22Mary Kay Mineral Foundation Powder in Ivory 1: I have started using this to set my eye primer before applying eye shadows and I really like how it works for that, but I won’t be opening a new one.  I prefer liquid or cream foundations and I have other powders to use up.  As you can see there is still lots left from this as well, but I want a break from it so will set it aside to use up later.  Update from March 21st: While reorganizing the bathroom I dropped this, put a big crack in the bottom and most of the powder fell out so it has been respectfully retired.

2015-02-24 21.17.48on the left EMPTY #3!!!  Mary Kay Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover.  My favourite remover.  Shake up the two phases, apply on a cotton pad, set on eye for about 10 seconds then wipe away any and all eye makeup.  Already opened a new bottle.

2015-03-21 16.52.12Finale Photo of Mary Kay TimeWise Firming Eye Cream.  You can see the blue lines on the right side of the Mary Kay logo.  I use this once a day for sure and sometimes twice.  This bottle contains alot of product for its price and there’s still a couple months left in it, which surprised me.  I feel if you used this once daily it could last for six months.  One pump will do for both eyes.  When broken down the cost is $6.67 a monthly for a fantastic age fighting eye cream in my opinion (Canadian prices)

So I finished 3 out of 7 products (plus an extra e.l.f. lip balm), but made good progress on the others that I wouldn’t have done if I hadn’t concentrated on them for a project.  You may see some in a future pan though as I’ll continue to use them on a daily basis.  Let me know in the comments below what items you completed in Finish 7 By Spring.  Thanks for tagging along with me!

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