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#DearMe – Advice to My Younger Self

In honour of March 8th, International Women’s Day, I wanted to participate in a tag that is popular on YouTube, #DearMe.  This is advice I would like to give to my younger self.

1. Take your love of history and genealogy and pursue post-secondary schooling in museums, libraries, and archives, while still learning about sales, team building, marketing and customer service through side businesses.

2. Ask your parents for help to step in and say “No you can’t go there.  No you can’t use, borrow, or keep the car.  No you are not wearing that outfit.  No I am not buying you that.  No I won’t give you money.”

Lukas Concert 076 Me in 2007.

3. Get the doctor to do some early check ups and get an early diagnosis of endometriosis.  Maybe there will be something you can do to be able to have children.

4. I would tell myself that living with depression, anxiety, and panic attacks does not make you crazy and it’s OK to take the medication.  Your goal should be the ability to function in life on a daily basis not be “off meds”.  What’s “normal” anyway?

CA41EN05 These (and a few others) are the people you will miss spending everyday with.  Love you guys: T., W., H.B., C. and G.  (That’s me in the wedding dress, 2006).

5. Don’t quit or give up on anything.  Keep taking piano lessons, working part time jobs, going to school, playing volleyball, cheerleading, dancing, and whatever else you want to do.  Never quit something to spend more time with a guy.  Don’t stop exercising and start eating healthy!!!!

6. Ask your grandparents and older relatives more questions about their lives and record them!  Spend more time with each of them.

7. Make a continuous effort to stay in touch with friends and let them know what’s REALLY going on with you instead of hiding behind false positivity.

Tanya Ange at Grad Tanya and I at High School Graduation, 1995.

8. You can stand up for yourself in a polite way without putting down the other person, while still commanding respect, especially in a relationship. Saying goodbye and walking away is NOT failure.  It’s a lesson learned and beneficial to both people.  Go to those auditions, hang out with your friends, talk to whoever you want, wear what you want (see #2), hang whatever you want on your walls or in your locker.  Don’t burn that box of NKOTB memorabilia because a guy pitched a fit and told you to.  Have more respect for yourself.

9. Be nicer to your brother, even though he’s 7 years younger and you have nothing in common right now.  He’s going to turn out to be a good friend, stand up with you at your wedding, and be the father of your neice (who is AWESOME).

Ange holding baby DeanMe, age 7, and Dean.

10.  Just know that in the end everything will be alright, you will be successful, you are loved, you did the best you knew how to do and when you knew better you did better.  You will be happy.

Lukas Concert 083   Me and John at a concert in 2007.

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2 thoughts on “#DearMe – Advice to My Younger Self

  1. Well done!! You said / wrote everything very well. It’s not easy to do so after having lived it but feels good to be able to. Sharing benefits someone else for sure.


    Posted by Brenda | March 7, 2015, 9:02 am

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