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Project Pan Challenges

Project 10 Pan #2 Second Update

Well I know I started this panning project to use up products before they got too old, but some of these just need to be retired as you’ll see in my notes below.  Some I am getting tired of using every day so I’ve had to add in other products, which means my progress isn’t as fast as I’d planned.  Deadline for using up these products is March 20, 2015.  I chose 14 products so I would be sure to hit my goal of finishing 10 and I have finished FOUR so far!!!!

2014-12-26 16.14.08    2015-01-28 18.44.12  2015-02-22 20.18.36

Before                             1st Update                         Current Photo

From Mary Kay Cosmetics: Apricot Breeze Blush has a larger dip in it as does the Sandstone Bronzer.  I haven’t used the Blue Moon Eye Duo too much.  I’m just not feeling the blue shadow look lately.  The Persian Spice eye shadow has more of a dip on the right and in the centre so I am concentrating in that spot to hit pan.  Sugarplum Eye Shadow is showing more pan as you can see in the photos.  I am determined to finish the Sugarplum!

2015-01-28 18.45.38Makeup Finishing Spray is shown on the right of this photo, but because the bottle is black I can’t see how much I have left although it is getting lighter and I use it almost every day.  I should be able to finish it up before the deadline.

2015-01-28 18.39.50 Empty #2, #3, #4 White Wash Eye Pencil, Taupe Shimmer Eye Pencil, and Jade Mint Eye Pencil are shown above and below.  These all started to crumble when I would sharpen and then apply them so I just had to throw in the towel and declare them finished.  Had they not gotten so outdated I could have used them right up until they wouldn’t sharpen anymore.

2015-02-22 20.15.34Blonde Brow Pencil has lots of progress.  You can see the line on the right is where I started, then my 1st update, and now my second on the far left.  I think I can actually finish this one up before Spring.

2015-02-22 20.21.45Before (line on right), Current (line on left)

The Mary Kay Pink Sand Lip Pencil is slow going because I got a cold sore recently and didn’t want to contaminate any lip crayons, liners, glosses, or lipsticks.

2015-02-22 20.15.54Current Photos 2015-02-22 20.16.21

From e.l.f. cosmetics: The Concealer/Highlighter broke in half but I am still using them.  The good thing about them breaking is I was able to stand them both upright.  You can see that I have about half of the highlighter (on the right) still left, but am unsure how much concealer is in that tube.  Eye Refresh has a metal contained that I can’t see through.

Empty #1 The Avon lip balm is gone (shown below on the right)!!!  I got a cold sore, so made sure I used it all up.

Need a Project 10 Pan cheerleader?  Send me a message via blog comment or email angelabobier@gmail.com, chat with me on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we can work together.

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