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Finish 5 By Cinco De Mayo Update 1

There is a large community of “panners” on blogs and YouTube who are doing the Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) who post their monthly progress on using up five beauty products.  Here are the ones I’ve chosen, all from Mary Kay Cosmetics.

I am including pictures so you can see how much product I had to start with and how much there is to date.  Some will show blue marks to indicate the progress where possible.

2014-12-31 14.55.08Before 2015-01-28 18.44.20Current

Pressed Powder (possibly might be called Dual Coverage Powder Foundation but the name is worn off the bottom).  I keep forgetting to use this so I haven’t made much progress plus I’m trying to use up another powder in my Finish 7 by Spring.

2014-12-31 16.12.25  2015-01-28 18.54.18Pale Blush Cream Eye Colour is not working out for my eyes.  I think it’s dried out as it looks patchy when I apply it.  I have pulled this from my project and replaced it with the Lip Exfoliator from e.l.f. shown in the photo above.  This is a sugar scrub for the lips that is brilliantly packaged in a lipstick tube for easy application.  Just gently rub over lips and wash off.  I suggest using it every other day.

2014-12-31 14.53.19Before 2015-01-28 18.44.33Current

Pink Stardust Highlighting Powder has some sparkle in it and I mix the two colours together to highlight my cheekbones and my browbone.  Gotta be careful when using this so I don’t look ashy though.  There’s some progress but this really isn’t one of my favourite products.  I might have to use it as an eye shadow to use it up.

2015-01-28 18.49.16Retro Rose Lipstick was from Mary Kay’s Spring line and I love it!  I use this every morning and take it with me in my purse for touch ups.  Pretty good progress for someone who has NEVER used up an entire lip colour.

2015-01-28 18.51.48Winter Wishes Roll On Eau de Toilette is a current winter product and I love this too, but I’d like to use it up before switching to a summery scent.  I have marked a blue mark so you can see where I started and where I am now.

Will you join me in this challenge?  What 5 beauty products do you want to use and pan before May 5th?  Leave me a comment and let’s get a conversation going.

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