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Well this week for beauty products has been a complete write off.  I’ve been sick and in bed since Monday night.  I really hope I can go back to work on Friday morning.  I am sooooo bored.  Other than the basic showering and hygiene products, all I’ve used is Watkins Medicated Ointment.  This salve lasts a LONG time in its can, but our’s might finally get finished up this week.  If so you’ll see it in an upcoming empties post.  I always keep this ointment on hand and have a second canister in our trailer first aid kit.

Watkins MCOThe Medicated Ointment is a clear, thick salve that smells like Vicks Vapo-Rub and I have been lathering it on my feet then putting on thick socks; putting it on my chest, neck and back, plus just under my nostrils.  I have a cold but its all in my chest this time, not in my sinuses or ears (kinda weird).  Anyway I believe it is helping and I always apply it this way when I get any type of cold.  It has an initial cooling effect and a smell that clears your sinuses.  After it has soaked into your skin it warms the area.  Another good tip is to apply some to your temples if you are getting a headache.  Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after applying as it will sting if you get it near your eyes.

I have no affiliate link for this product but if you are in my area, you can buy it at the Backus-Page House Museum gift shop (call 519-762-3072 to make sure we are open during the off season Thanksgiving Monday through to April 30 or visit us Tues – Sun from May 1 thru to Thanksgiving Monday) or just find someone online who sells it at www.jrwatkins.com .  Some drug stores and pharmacies also carry the products I’ve noticed.

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