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Project Pan Challenges

Why I Am Doing Panning Challenges

I’ve had some questions lately about why I am participating in panning challenges like Project 10 Pan, Finish 7 by Spring, and Finish 5 by Cinco De Mayo.  I have been using skin care and cosmetics since I was 14 years old and had my first Mary Kay facial where my parents bought me the basic skin care set at that age.  At 19 years old, I became a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and every season switched my cosmetics to whatever the latest limited edition products were so I could wear and show my customers and hostesses the latest and greatest.

In a three month time period (a season) it’s a bit difficult to finish up a full size, on trend beauty product.  I was also a big believer in using full size samples (in a fully sanitary way of course) for my skin care classes and parties, so if something was discontinued, then I ended up with the demo product somewhere in my stash to use up “someday”.   I am still a Mary Kay Consultant, but with my full time position as Cultural Manager at the local museum, I am not holding parties and skin care classes or doing special occasion makeup like I used to.  I am still taking care of my customers, but this doesn’t need demo products and a full kit.  I have decided that now is the time to use up those “someday” products in these project pan challenges.

I’m not using up products because I don’t like them (well some aren’t my favourites, but I’ll tell you that in my posts).  I am using them up because everything has a shelf life and will go bad.  Once they go bad, you shouldn’t take a chance using them as you could get an infection, rash or break outs and no one wants that.  So for any products that go bad before you can use them up, it’s a complete waste of money and I’m not OK with that.

About a year and half ago, I discovered the YouTube and beauty blogger community which is when you probably noticed a change in my blog.  I am now open to trying and writing reviews for beauty products from all brands.  This habit of watching beauty videos, reading magazines and blogs has also increased my spending and the size of my stash so I want to use these products up and get my moneys worth.

I have recently found a niche group of vloggers who feel the same way about their collections and are panning their products through challenges.  It’s a great support.  Some are putting themselves on strict “no buy” time periods or “low buys”.  I don’t feel my collection is that out of control (John probably disagrees) that I have to go on a no buy, but after the Boxing Day sales that we just had, I think I will do a low buy, but I have yet to set the exact rules.

Here are some of the YouTubers that I enjoy watching.  Stop by their channels.    GlamLifeGuru    PinkSoFoxy  ViviannaDoesMakeup  EssieButton

Here are some of the Project Panners on YouTube you should check out that I discovered in December.  Amber F    PrettyPistol86    CuriousSparkles

Some are doing collection inventories to start out the New Year so I decided to do the same.  I am used to doing a business inventory (pretty handy to always have an inventory of skin care and cosmetics around on a daily basis right?), but have never done one with the products that are my personal use ones.  Here’s are my numbers (note these are all brands from drug stores, direct sale companies, and high end).

COSMETICS  Face 41, Eyes 101, Lips 64, Brush Cleaner 1, Sanitizing Spray 1


Total 406 beauty related products (includes open and in use products plus backups)

There are some areas where I have decided I have too many items like eye shadows (66), lip gloss (14), nail polish (35) and shower gels (20) so these will end up in my project pans over the next year and I’ll do another inventory on December 31, 2015 to see where we are at.  I should note that I do coupon and traditionally do a twice a year haul of shower gels, shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, body lotion and toothpaste and these account for about approximately 50 of my inventoried items that are unopened backups living in our linen closet.  I didn’t put a detailed list on here, but if anyone wants to see this broken down into smaller categories (like how many or each kind of product in these categories) I could do that.  Just leave a comment below.

Who else would like to join my in panning some products this year?  If you could pick any one product to use up which one would you choose?  How would you reward yourself when it’s empty?  Let’s get a conversation going below.

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2 thoughts on “Why I Am Doing Panning Challenges

  1. PLEASE,HELP!!! I am trying to find out the shelf life of the mary kay eye makeup remover-one rep told me that if a product contained no sunscreen ,then there was no shelf life-it has to be considered too old to use at some point-i don’t remember when i bought mine-any input is appreciated,thanks in advance


    Posted by susan redden | January 17, 2015, 12:08 am
    • I would recommend 3 years once it`s opened for something liquid like the eye makeup remover. Has the consistency or smell changed at all Susan. If you can give me the day code from the container I can tell you when it was manufactured. A day code will look something like this FX05 and is sometimes printed after the 6 digit part number.


      Posted by angelabee | January 17, 2015, 1:52 am

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