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My Lip Product Collection

Currently I have been enjoying watching beauty YouTubers clean out their makeup collections. Mine is relatively small compared to their’s, but probably larger than most people’s. Just like when I shop for seasonal clothes (need to do a fall shopping spree soon), I decided to take an inventory of what lip products I have and use regularly, and what I need for Fall in that department.

I found I had 25 lip products.  3 Balms with SPF 15, 4 Balms in stick form, 2 tints in potted form, 1 Lip Stain, 5 Lip Glosses, 1 Lip Mask, 1 Lip Balm in a tube, 1 Matte Lip Crayon, 1 Lip Pencil Liner, and 6 Lipsticks.  When I went through I made sure to smell any that had been purchased over a year ago and luckily, there was nothing that needed to be discarded.  If you do have a product that smells “off” or expired then you need to throw it out.  Don’t take a chance on putting expired products and their bacteria on your face.  Gross!!

I took the following video of the collection, all that is missing are my potted lip tints. 

As I looked over the colours, I noticed that most were great for Spring and Summer, but I was lacking in darker tones for Fall.  Thankfully I have my Mary Kay inventory so I shopped from myself and added 3 lipsticks which are shown in the above video.  Apple Berry, Amber Suede, and Maple

I then categorized all the products into colour families:  Clear, Berries, Pinks, Oranges, Red (only 1 in that group), Bronzes/Browns, and Nudes.  This should simplify things in the mornings to choose colours.  I put all 4 of my Mary Kay Triple Layer Tinted Balms in my purse for quick use, a hint of colour, and moisture on the go since they represent the Oranges, Reds, Berries, and Pink families.  Everything else stayed on my makeup caddy in the bathroom.

I also placed an e.l.f. cosmetics order since I cannot resist a 40% off sale and am excitedly awaiting the arrival of a replacement Nude Lip Balm with SPF 15, 6 Lip pencils, one Lipstick, a Lip Gloss Stick, 4 Matte Lip Crayons, and a Lip Exfoliator.

What are your favourite lip products and when is the last time you cleaned out your collection?  Share your comments below.  I read them all.

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