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What I Keep Reaching For 4

Part of my Mary Kay Cosmetics morning skin care routine is to put a pea sized drop of Botanical Effects Cleanser for Oily skin on the Skinvigorate Cleansing Brush and gently wash my face in the shower.  I have found my skin is softer, I have less breakouts, and my cheeks aren’t as red since using these two products.  Once out of the shower, I follow up with either Botanical Effects Freshen for Oily skin or if I have a breakout I use Blemish Control Toner and then apply Botanical Effects Hydrate for Oily skin, which is a moisturizer.    These are the first 4 things you need for healthy skin: 1. Cleanse  2. Exfoliate  3. Freshen  and 4. Moisturize.  Watch for future posts when I talk about #5 Protect and what products I use for that step.

botanicals bct skinvigorate

If you are in Canada, and do not have a MK Consultant, please contact me for these products.


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