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Beauty Buzz: Majestical Jewelry

EER2995-FB-2T If you are looking for good quality, affordable fashion jewlery, look no further than www.majestical.com  This company was kind enough to send me a complimentary set of the earrings featured in the pic, so I could write a review for them.  Perhaps I should have mentioned I don’t have pierced ears, oops, but I did show these earrings to a few of my friends and family.  Post your comments below and let us all know what you think of this design.

These particular earrings would be great for anyone with long hair, in my opinion.  You could pair them with either a jeans, white Tee, jacket and boots casual look or a long evening gown.  I’m picturing red or black gowns.

The website boasts wholesale pricing, same day shipping, and lots of selection for all styles.  Visit the site or any of their social media accounts to see more of the line and check them out.  I am giving Majestical Jewelry a Bee Shopping  “bee shopping” recommendation.

Follow on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/MajesticalJewelry

Twitter  https://twitter.com/MajesticalJewel  Also on Pinterest, Google+, Instagram and more.

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