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Surprise! Be Prepared

Well I may have finally learned my lesson this afternoon about keeping the house and myself presentable for customers at all times.  It’s been HOT the last 3 weeks so honestly, I have not been in a big hurry to change into “nice” clothes if I don’t have to each day.  A tank top and shorts have been standard outfits for a while now along with wearing my glasses instead of contacts and unless I was leaving the house, only wearing Mary Kay Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20.   

Just after 3pm today, I was sitting down to watch One Life to Live when I see the UPS guy at the door.  I signed for my package and did not stick around to chat.  He must shake his head when he sees the package is from Mary Kay.  That should have been my cue to go get properly dressed and do my hair and makeup, but I ignored that little voice and continued to watch TV.  John came inside to chat after cutting the grass and was starting to doze off on the couch.  Oh and he was only in his shorts (no shirt and bits of grass all over him). 

Then a car neither of us recognized drove in the driveway.  I asked him to answer the door, since I wasn’t presentable.  It turned out to be one of my customers who needed to exchange something and get some new products for a weekend event.  Thank goodness our house was clean.  Once I assured her she wasn’t inconveniencing us, she went to the car to get her products to exchange.  I went and changed into some better shorts than the old boxer shorts of John’s I’d been lounging in and to throw my hair back in a clip.  Let’s just say I did NOT look the part of a beauty consultant.

I’m used to making appointments, prepping myself and my house before anyone, let alone a customer comes over.  I like to be professional and have the kitchen table or living room table set up with my demos, products, etc.  I should also mention that we have been renovating the kitchen and what was once my office is now empty and the spare bedroom is now half storage and half a nursery for when my neice Olivia visits.  John put 2 new windows in that room Wednesday and didn’t put the furniture back so I actually had to move a dresser and buffet just to get my Mary Kay kit in the closet.   

All in all we had a good visit, I stayed calm and I am very glad I had all the items in stock that my customer needed.  I am thankful she stopped in.  I now see how complacent I have been getting.  So starting tomorrow, the second I get up I am going to get properly dressed and do my hair and face.  I am also going to make sure we don’t get too much clutter in the living room (which is difficult since I now work from there).  That way if anyone stops in, I’m mostly prepared.

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