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Mary Kay Cosmetics

Extra Emollient Night Cream Uses

This fantastic “classic” product from Mary Kay Cosmetics is one of my stand by, must have items. It used to come in a white jar with a pink lid, but now comes in an easy to squeeze tube. The following uses aren’t endorsed by Mary Kay Inc, but are ways I and my customers have used this great product which is $23.50 (Canadian funds) and can be purchased from me at anytime.

1. Obviously for those people with extremely dry skin, this is a night cream for the face.
2. This is also the first item applied when using the Satin Hands set.
3. I use EENC on the heels of my feet to prevent dryness and cracks.
4. Apply a little to cuticles to soften.
5. After shaving your legs, apply some EENC.
6. When you’ve had a cold sore and it’s healing up, but very dry, apply some EENC and it’s instantly moisturized.
7. Use as a Lip Balm.
8. In winter if your nose gets dry and sore, keep this product handy.
9. When doing a pedicure, apply EENC, place your foot in a plastic bag (tie the top) and put back in warm water for 5-10 minutes, then remove bag and wash off EENC.
10. I’ve never tried this, but a fellow consultant used EENC as a diaper cream for her kids.

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