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Common Courtesy

I’ve heard often in business that God gave us 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.  You are to listen twice as much as you talk.  I must admit that I do like to talk.  In casual conversation I have a bad habit of interrupting, particularly with my husband.  In public, I was taught from a very young age, though, that when someone is speaking, you give them the respect of listening.  I guess that’s why I was allowed to attend so many events with the adults. 

When I was about 4 years old, I remember seeing on TV someone cover another person’s mouth with their hand to get them to stop talking.  I thought this was acceptable behaviour and effective so tried it out on my Great Aunt Gladys who babysat me every week day.  We were in a car with my Grandma Foreman and 2 other ladies as they had brought me along on a Women’s Institute day trip and I guess I had something I wanted to say and Aunt Glady was talking.  I covered her mouth with my hand and proceeded to say what it was I thought was so important (probably a joke because I remember laughing).  Needless to say I learned quickly this tactic was “rude” and I’ve never done it again.  Although there have been times that I’ve wanted to. 

I am writing this post because lately I have felt disrespected and not heard when speaking.  Possibly the lesson in this is for me is to be conscious of how much I listen to others versus how much I talk.  That I am to give others the respect I am seeking so I will get the same in return.  Anyone else having this issue lately? 

One last tip: if you are completely exasperated and about to tell someone off (and make a scene) it is acceptable to go to the ladies room to cool off for a minute or two and take some deep breathes, and then return to the situation.  Making a scene makes everyone involved uncomfortable, you look like an idiot who can’t control themselves, and you will feel bad later about what you said in anger.

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