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How to Achieve Success with a 16 Hour Work Week

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How to achieve success with a 16-hour work week

There Is No Greater Freedom Than the Freedom That Comes From Self-Discipline

The following plan will work if you do. Consistency for four weeks is the key. Choose four days a week to work your business. Four hours per day (in addition to unit meeting) will do it, if you get organized.

Make a minimum of 10 telephone calls per day:

New contacts: friends, relative, acquaintances you have not contacted for a facial or skin care class. Offer them something special.

Ask for referrals when you call anyone.

Call customers – have something new or special to talk to her about. Offer her a glamour or check-up facial. Offer her a gift for having friends join her.

Choose a list to call – cold calling: church, new mothers, brides, newcomers.

Call prospective recruits: invite to unit meeting, set a time for coffee, or ask her to go with you to a skin care class to assist you.

Check on your hostess: coach her, mention outside orders, get guests’ names.

Call guests for next classes and fill out skin care profile on telephone.

Make a minimum of three personal contacts per day:

Warm chatter: talk to everyone you see while you are out.

Facials and classes count as personal contacts.

Deliver a recruiting packet, have coffee with your prospect, take prospect to unit meeting.

Deliver product to your customers: suggest new product, mention the opportunity, and ask for referrals for facials or prospective recruits.

Coach a hostess in person. Give her an outside order goal with extra incentive to sell a particular amount or 10 of her favorite product. Cover the opportunity.

Write a minimum of 10 personalized notes per day:

Thank you notes to all who attend your classes or facials.

Thank you notes to each new customer you obtain … also to whoever referred her to you.

Birthday cards to customers at the beginning of the month, offering a discount.

Appreciation notes to people who have helped you in your business.

Congratulation notes to people who have done something special that you have read or heard about. Offer a complimentary facial.

Notes to out-of-town prospects – including recruiting packets. Follow up by phone in three days.

Hostess packets mailed to anyone who does not have one. Re-excite her about her special gift or new glamour look. Thank her in advance for holding the class.

Notes to your personal recruits or sister Consultants who are doing great or need a boost.

These are just a few examples of way to make contacts. Remember this is a people business. Stay in contact with them at all times. Work every area of your business and it will grow so quickly that you will not have enough hours in the day to take care of the business you have generated! Soon you will not have to wonder who to call, see or write.

Be sure to make your list of six most important things to do that night before! Then you will know each day exactly what you are going to do.

With this plan working for you, you cannot help but be SUCCESSFUL! It’s the consistency that counts and that pays off, not the thinking about it!

Remember: I CAN, I WILL, IT MUST! Then you will find yourself enjoying the price you are paying for SUCCESS!

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