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Hundreds Try Cookies, Shakes To Lose Weight – Omaha News Story – KETV Omaha

Hundreds Try Cookies, Shakes To Lose Weight – Omaha News Story – KETV Omaha.

Watch the video, read the article, and join  me on the challenge at www.angelabee.bodybyvi.com

OMAHA, Neb. — It’s finally starting to feel like spring outside, and with the warmer weather comes the incentive to drop those extra winter pounds.  Hundreds of Omahans are taking a new challenge, eating cookies and drinking shakes to lose weight and feel better.


Cheri and Bob Patterson are full of laughter and life.  She’s lost 27 pounds, and he’s gotten his health back.


“Overall, it’s given me a lot of energy and strength,” Bob Patterson said.


He said it’s a big change from a year ago when he was coming off a quadruple bypass and renal failure.


The couple gives credit to a new nutritional system called Body By Vi.


Rhonda and Tony Lucero brought the program to Omaha about a year ago.


“What we’re giving people is a very simple solution: nutrition,” Tony Lucero said.


The basis of the program is to replace one or two meals a day with a shake.  Each shake is said to contain the nutrition of several fruits and vegetables.  The cookies come into play between meals as a nutritious, fiber-rich snack.


“Exercise is wonderful, but if you’re not putting the right fuel into your body, you’re not going to get the results you’re looking for,” Rhonda Lucero said.


Exercise is encouraged, though.  Along with the products, the company offers continuous 90-day challenges, were participants can win prizes to mark their success.


Around 300 people in Omaha have signed up for Body By Vi.


“We have over 5,000 pounds already lost,” Rhonda Lucero said.


“All of the sudden, I feel like I did in my 20s.  I’m popping out of bed in the morning, which I’ve never done in my life,” Cheri Patterson said.


For Cheri and Bob Patterson, the program offers a new way of living.


“We’ve developed a new lifestyle, and that’s making the difference,” Bob Patterson said.


Check with your doctor before trying any weight loss program.


Body By Vi is starting a new 90-day challenge.

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One thought on “Hundreds Try Cookies, Shakes To Lose Weight – Omaha News Story – KETV Omaha

  1. Hi There Angelabee,
    I just stumbled across this and, Fleeing the forest in furor
    wigged wicked wolf on my trail
    a fine meal was made of that little girl riding
    shakes the red hood from his tail
    passing a cottage of cookies
    two bloated children look on
    fat from their gingerbread binging
    lost, now the breadcrumbs are gone
    to my left a prince is crying
    no kiss delivers life
    he’s lynched by seven angry men
    who’d thought they’d found a wife
    make believe castles climb to the sky
    trees talk in tenuous tones
    jack not so nimble burning with fire
    while bears pick through golden haired bones
    lost among hundreds of acres
    creatures from fairytale dreams
    those I embraced as a child
    have become a bit darker it seems
    reaching the edge of the treeline
    back to the world, such a bore
    far more foreboding than fictional forests
    I return to the woodland once more



    Posted by snel afvalen met shake | January 12, 2014, 8:31 pm

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