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by Amanda Hamilton  http://amandahamiltondetox.wordpress.com



Too busy to go to the gym? Don’t like cooking? Craving a pizza and an easy life?Sticking to a healthy lifestyle can sometimes become a burden. I have long since ditched the notion of weighing potions and counting calories – it is boring, cumbersome and frankly calorie controlled diets don’t work long term anyway. SO what are the short cuts you can take to make it easier to get healthier? Here are my top tips that cover everything from cooking, eating out, working out and even what to do in the bedroom….

If you are cooking a healthy meal, ALWAYS double up on ingredients and freeze a potion or two. Home cooked frozen food is great as a back up – take out the freezer in the morning and it just needs re-heated (not in a microwave which destroys many nutrients).

If you are the kind of person that succumbs to mid-afternoon snacking on junk then ditch the caffeine which makes you much more prone to cravings and bring fruit / nuts / seeds with you instead. Keep a stash of healthy snacks in the drawer at work.

When going out for a meal avoid eating the entire bread basket before the starter even comes! You’ll ruin your good intentions and your appetite. Ask them to ‘hold the bread’ and nibble on olives instead.

  • You have been asked out on a date but don’t want to ditch the diet?  Stick to Thia, fish restaurants or experiment with the more unusual Lebanese or Jamican.  Avoid Italian, Indian and the greasy spoon should not even get a look in!
  • Get off the treadmill!  If you join a gym, don’t be shy.  Ask for help with your gym programme and maximise the knowledge of the staff. If you usually drive to your workout could you jog or cycle instead – a perfect warm up and not nearly as boring as watching the minutes tick by on machines.
  • Getting frisky is a great way to boost health, wellbeing and confidence, provided it is with the right person! A healthy sex life can add years to your life expectancy – and summer sunshine can bring out the flirt in all of us.  It goes without saying that sex must be safe.
  • After cooking, eating, working out and finding a mate – the next in line is sleep!  Not only might you need a good nights rest after a day like that but sleep is when your body rejuvenates.  Too little sleep and your immunity will suffer and you age faster.  Try going to bed ½ hr to 1hr earlier than normal and see how much better you feel.  Goodnight!

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