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Lindy Gamble’s ViSalus Story

Hi Everyone:  The Detroit Regional event was the best training that I have
ever been at.  Sorry if you missed it.
Visalus is now giving away a black BMW bonus every 4 hours!  That’s six a
day.  Have you qualified for yours yet?
They are also receiving an award from Success Magazine for the Largest
Turnaround in the Industry in HISTORY!  From over a year ago to now, over 650%
growth and it shows NO sign of stopping.  This it the company that IS…not a
company that has plans to be something someday.
Becoming Presidential Director has meant more than just getting a huge
compensation bonus and increase in pay…It also means that we are expected to
get out of our comfort zone and get up on stage and help get others to that
point.  A year ago, I would have never imagined that I would be up on a stage in
front of 800 people talking about the obstacles that we overcame on our journey
to becoming Visalus Presidential Directors.

My team now consists of over 300 people and although I’m
trying hard, some people are just falling through the cracks.  (Don’t get
horrified thinking that there is no way you will have over 300 people on your
team….it does happen, that’s what networking is…IF you follow the system!)
There are people who have purchased their $499.00 kits and then never bothered
to go on autoship or even book a Challenge party, don’t answer emails and don’t
return phone calls.  So….I’m going to tell you our story, the one that I told
on stage in Detroit over the weekend and let’s see if the excuses that you come
up with for not getting your business off the ground still are valid.

Three years ago, Lynn and I were on top of the world.  We had decided to
retire to Costa Rica, where the cost of living was much cheaper.  Although he
had a Ford pension, we could tell that living in Canada on a pension for the
years of retirement just wasn’t going to be enough money, so for him to
completely stop working, we needed to go where our money would go farther.  We
started building a dream home, mountain top, gated community, overlooking the
Pacific.  In the front yard was a jungle, with banana trees, a tropical
paradise.  Here is a picture of the model…

In the meantime, back in Canada, we sold everything we owned…home,
cottage, furniture, my car, and gave away anything that we couldn’t sell,
waiting for our new villa to be built.  OVERNIGHT, the recession hit, the
Canadian dollar fell by about 30% , adding an extra $100,000 U.S. to our plans.
As the months dragged on and the recession got worse, we had to make the
decision to walk away from all the money that we had put into building our new
place.  The developer stopped building down there, so we didn’t really have a
choice.  Everything we had was gone.

So…we lived with my daughter for over a year….Lynn kept working while I
faced the grim reality that we had just thrown away our future.  We are older
than about 99% of this team and Lynn was just turning 60 at the time.  What kind
of future did we face at that age, when we didn’t even have a home of our own?.
Lynn got to go to work everyday and focus on his job there while I was left at
home, knowing that I was the one who had suggested moving in the first place and
now I didn’t even have a car to go out and get a J.O.B.   It was a very grim
reality and the only thing that kept me going was the hope that network
marketing would some day pay off.

After a year, we did move into a new condo which we now love, but the
mortgage on it is horrendous.  We had not a stick of furniture and my son even
gave me his old set of dishes.  To be this age and have a HUGE mortgage is not
something we had planned on.  The networking company that I put sweat and tears
into for three years started showing it’s cracks very early on and last August,
I had to admit that the payout was just not worth the aggravation.  At a time
when I was giving up all hope in the networking industry and was ready to admit
that there would be no recovery or golden retirement for us….Visalus was
dropped into our laps.  I didn’t join at the first look, or at the second look.
But, after I did join, I fully engaged.  I knew that this opportunity would not
work, unless I did and my back was against the wall.  It is so fitting that the
slogan for reaching Regional Director is TOLD U SO!

We became Rising Star Directors in 12 days and Regional Directors in 44
days.  This was all as our entire upline was new as well so none of us had a
clue what we were doing, but we did it anyways.  These days, there are people
reaching these positions within a few days or even hours.

As of February 28th, Lynn and I are Presidential Directors with a monthly
income of between $6,000 – $12,000 per month.  We are now
setting our eyes on those Ambassador Black Jackets and an unlimited monthly
residual income.  What is the difference between YOU and US?   Why aren’t
YOU making this type of money????

Here is the info that we learned in Detroit:

The Product is the same product that we all use.

The Compensation plan is the same plan that we all get paid on.

The ONLY variable is YOU!
These are the ENEMIES of your Success.  (Pick the ones that you
want to use as your own excuse )

1.  Indifference:  person that just goes with the flow, from the land of
mediocrity.   You have two legs to stand for something…what you YOU stand
for?  I’ve never met an indifferent millionaire.

2.  Indecision:   you are too worried about making someone mad and
you can’t make a choice.
3.  Worry:    What if?  What if?
4.  Timidity:  You are too shy to make calls.    This is a CROCK!
Shyness is a learned Behaviour so unlearn it!!!  Do you think you were born
shy?  Think again!  Were you too shy to cry when you were hungry or Mad?  NO!
YOU SCREAMED!   You are not shy!  Scared maybe, but get over it.
5.  Doubt:  I’m not good enough, The company may not last, My team
isn’t working
6.  Complaining:  I don’t even have to explain this one…if people
leave the room when you walk in, get the hint.  People are sick of complaints.
Do something about it!  Don’t talk about what doesn’t work!
Here is the Day that will turn your life around
1.  DISGUST:  When you are simply disgusted with your own excuses
and your mundane life, you will begin to take charge of it.
2.  DECISION:  When you cut off from all other options and decide
that this is it.  (Procrastination is Suicide on the Instalment
3.  DESIRE:  When you want something so bad that you can taste
4.  RESOLVE:  That silent commitment that no matter what, YOU will
make it.
Here are 3 questions to answer:  WHY?  Why should you have it all?
Don’t you deserve it?
I worked for it and achieved it, why not YOU?
What is the worst that will happen?  Someone will laugh at you?
Those who say that are those who will not try!  As soon as you stop watching
other people live their lives, then maybe you will start getting
For those of you who are still in your rut of complaining and putting the blame on
the product, the company, your back office, your upline, your downline….get
over yourself…get over your fears and join us at the top.  There will NOT be
another opportunity, timing or team like this coming along again in most of our
lives.  We are lucky to be on the fastest growing team in the entire company.
Be prepared to earn some of the perks along the way.  Presently I am going on a
trip to California in June for reaching National Director and on a tropical
retreat at some time for reaching Presidential.  The next step is
Ambassador….with a bonus of $25,000.00 and I know darn well that the same
people will be still sitting doing nothing, thinking that they are doing a
Visalus is growing so quickly that the phone lines are inundated and hold
times of up to 30 minutes are not uncommon.  Please do not call in for reasons
that you can solve yourself online.  Do not call to change an autoship or change
a date, or look up a customer or cancel a customer.  You should know how to do
all of this in your own back office.  This is after all, your own business.
Treat it as one and you will be paid as one.  Treat it as a hobby and it will
end up costing you money.
Follow the system… www.gst.visalus.com Pre-party: www.party.visalus.com Have your challenge party, hand out pens and order sheets and at the end…get the sale.  If they have to go home to “think” about it, you haven’t done the first two steps properly.  Ask them if they have to think about ordering a McDonald’s hamburger that is destroying their health.
As I said, this training was amazing and SO true.  Afterwards Jason and
Nick treated us to a private club in downtown Detroit…Events are essential to
your success.
Lindy Gamble, ViSalus Presidential Director

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BEE-lieve The BUZZ!! Beauty Consultant and Blogger Historic House Museum Manager Diploma in Cultural Resource Management from University of Victoria


6 thoughts on “Lindy Gamble’s ViSalus Story

  1. Wow that was odd. I just wrote an extremely long comment but after I
    clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing
    all that over again. Anyways, just wanted to say excellent blog!


    Posted by webpage | July 20, 2013, 7:14 pm
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  3. Hello Great Blog – Visalus Shakes offer awesome shakes that taste great, and lose weight, and it is possible to give to your little one as a way to be sure they get each of the Visalus Shakes Maine visalus success stories…..Check Us Visalus Shakes.


    Posted by visalus success stories | February 10, 2012, 1:02 am
  4. Very cool story… very motivational!

    I’ve been an online fitness expert for over 10 years now, and have been asked to promote a TON
    of opportunities. But almost all of them were junk.

    When I heard about Visalus, I really dug in to see what it was about. And I’m glad I did, because the combination
    of great products and the 90 day challenge is something very unique. And it literally sells itself.

    I’m very excited to be able to promote affordable, quality health products that I believe in.

    Good job!


    Posted by Shawn LeBrun | September 13, 2011, 2:54 pm
  5. I was looking around for other people’s visalus stories. I’ve just started my blog documenting my first 90 day challenge and my foray into the business side of tings. The part in the post about the ENEMIES to our success has me really evaluating how I am approaching it all.


    Posted by Dave | August 13, 2011, 9:40 am
  6. thank Thank THANK YOU, this blog has opened my eyes and made me do the check work; am I making excuses, what am I really doing? I appreciated the straight forward approach of what you have shared. This has stirred up a fire under me to go for it.
    Thank You,


    Posted by Cooky Moraleshttp://cookymoralesbodybyvi | May 18, 2011, 11:54 pm

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