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No Research = No Deal

I was just updating my profile on the Shopper’s Drug Mart Optimum Card site (only been at this address for over 5 years).  I realized they have  list of all Optimum Points promotions.  When I checked it out I found I was one product away from getting an extra 5000 points today!  Frustrating!!!  Here’s the link to all the promotions http://www1.shoppersdrugmart.ca/en/Shoppers-Optimum/All-Optimum-Offers.aspx

The deal I missed was when you purchase 3 or more L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise products you get 5000 bonus points.  Today I bought 2.  You do have to print off the coupon from their website.

Since I have to go back to St. Thomas tomorrow anyway I am going to get this deal twice.  Here’s my plan.  The store had pads of coupons for EverSleek, EverPure, and EverStrong hair care for $3.00 off and those items are on sale for $6.99.  I am going to choose 3 shampoos and pair with 3 coupons for $3.00 off each along with the coupon for 5000 points.  I got a $10 SDM gift card today for spending over $50 and I plan to use that too.  $6.99 less $3 coupon = $3.99 X 3 shampoos = $11.97 less $10 gift card = $1.97 for 3 shampoos.

For my second transaction I am going to choose a Conditioner $6.99 less $3 store coupon, a Hair spray $5.99 less $2.00 coupon from websaver, and one other product $6.99 less $3 store coupon.  $3.99 X 3 = $11.97 which I will pay for and get 5000 bonus points.

I am also getting 2 more Soft Lips Balms which are on for $2.00 and I have 2 printable $2.00 off coupons so these are FREE!

Lesson of today is check the stores website (especially SDM) before shopping so you don’t miss out on any deals.

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One thought on “No Research = No Deal

  1. http://images.email.shoppersoptimum.ca/templates/2011/03_Mar/mar13/SE.html

    here is a special print off coupon for Wednesday only!!!


    Posted by Julie | March 13, 2011, 10:28 pm

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