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How to Develop Nerves of Steel When Contacting New People Offline

How To Develop Nerves Of Steel When Contacting New People OFFLINE

Larry Beacham

30 new people everyday. That’s how many people you will have to contact in order to make $100,000 your first year in network marketing according to best-selling author and MLM Legend Mark Yarnell. So, if you have yet to hit this level in your business this technique will throw open the doors to your recruiting and unleash the success you’ve been searching for.

What I discovered in the following technique is that, the prospect is mentally positioned correctly to receive what I have to say because I am NOT CHASING THEM – they are CHASING ME.

I know that sounds odd, but here’s the trick to this.

Yesterday I walked into a store to look at a massage chair and I’m greeted by Todd, the assistant manager. Todd points me to a chair and I sit in it for the demonstration. We engage in some conversation and I ask Todd how long he’s been working there; he says 8 years.

Here’s what I say to Todd: “Todd, I’m an executive recruiter for Numis Network. I’m looking for someone with a background in management to spearhead an expansion of my company, or someone who’s looking for a part-time income without it interfering with their current career. I know if I could offer you a better career path you’d at least consider it. Now, I’m not promising that I can but I know you’re open to it. So, I’d like you to take my card and call my office to schedule an appointment, and one of my people will call you to set up a time to come in. I’m going to call my guy right after I leave and have him look for your message so we can get you in.”

Did you pick up the controls that I built into this conversation? I don’ take Todd’s information – Todd takes mine. I don’t ask Todd if he’s interested, I told him he’s interested. I’m not going to chase Todd for an appointment, he’s going to chase me if he’s TRULY interested – and he is because I already told him he was interested. 9 out of 10 people will simply flow right with the conversation and at least 1-3 will actually follow through. By doing a little quick math, if you did this 30 times/day not including Saturday and Sunday, that’s 20 to 60 new appointments.

I’ve partnered with a team member and we call each other’s leads back and book appointments. This positions us as someone “important.”

To me this approach is the posture of a true business owner. You’re operating like a CEO who is busy and successful, not some rep in somebody’s downline trying to get people.

So, how do you get 30 new people a day? You simply block out two hours of your time and get it done. When I practice this technique, my nerves are gone. My posture is solid and I project confidence. That’s all you need in order to get people to listen to you.

What happens if they ask questions, like “what is it?” They won’t – usually. But if they do, I assure them that if and when they call we’ll cover it, but it won’t be outside of their current skill set.

Don’t worry about getting their information when you first meet. You’ve not lost anything by handing over the controls to the prospect. If they actually take the time to call, what level of interest do you think they have? I think it’s worth it NOT to take their information in order to have this position of strength with every prospect, wouldn’t you agree?

Larry Beacham

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