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Today’s Deals at Metro & Zellers

We went to Metro to buy diapers and wipes for the upcoming Baby Showers and the guy’s Diaper Party (it’s the party for the guys while all the girls are at the baby shower).  Pampers Diapers and wipes were on sale at Metro and you know I had coupons. 

We got 60 Swaddlers for $12.99 and Wipes Refills for $7.49.  When you bought both I had a coupon for $4.00 off.  We bought 2 sets and I left my Mom the third coupon wth instructions on what to buy (share the wealth). 

Then because we were in the Elgin Mall, we made an unplanned stop at Zellers.  Thank goodness I had my coupon binder with me.  Here’s what I got.

I bought Voortman’s cookies.  They were on special 2 for $5 and I used a 75 cent off coupon when you buy 2. 

I saw small trial size bottles of Febreze hanging on an end cap with no price.  I decided to take 2 anyway and ask the cashier for the price when I checked out.  Turned out they were $1.99 each and I had $2.00 off when you buy 2 Febreze products.  I put one in the glove compartment and the other aside for my Dad for Father’s Day for his vehicle. 

I checked out the cleaning aisles to see what was on special.  Greenworks Toilet Bowl Cleaner was on for $1.49 and I had $1 off coupon.  Never tried that brand before, but for 49 cents why not give it a try.

When I perused the personal care aisles(I was hopeing for some clearance shampoo, but no luck) I realized I had no travel size products when I go to Mary Kay Career Conference the first weekend in March.  As I decided what I needed I got to thinking….I wonder if the Secret deoderant coupons I have specify a product size on them.  So I opened up my binder, went to the Deoderant/Body Care divider and looked.  NOPE!  Secret Antipersperant Travel Sizes were $1.49 and I have a coupon for $4 off when you buy 2.  They owed me $1.00 for shopping!!!!   I then noticed travel size shave cream for $1.49 and I had $1.00 coupon for that brand! 

I really wanted travel size toothpaste and they had Crest, but all my coupons for Crest had a minimum size of tube the coupon was valid for.  So it pays to check coupons for container size restrictions. 

So my subtotal was $16.85 including tax and after using $7.00 in coupons it came to $7.85!!!  Even John was impressed with my deals.

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One thought on “Today’s Deals at Metro & Zellers

  1. It’s insane how much you can save buy paying attention and using coupons!


    Posted by Melissa | February 15, 2011, 12:51 pm

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