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“Shake” Off the Weight

Nancy and I were finally able to coordinate our schedules and get together so I could try the shakes from ViSalus Body By Vi. They smell just like a vanilla cake mix – YUM! John and I tried ours with almond milk, 2 scoops of the Vi-Shape Nutritional Shake Mix, and the banana flavour pack. Very good, not gritty like some other shakes I’ve tried. Even John liked it. I guess you could use chocolate almond milk instead (or any milk you want, but I’m lactose intolerant). Some people add frozen fruit or even peanut butter.

I’m going to take a “before” photo of myself tonight so that when I’ve hit my goal weight I will have a comparison shot. We’re starting our challenge tomorrow morning with a shake for breakfast and also at lunch. You do have to have sensible snacks mid-morning and mid afternoon and then a sensible dinner. I know I’ll snack after dinner too, but I’ll try to eat something healthy.

I’ll be keeping you up to date on our weight loss progress. I am looking for 6 friends to do the Body By Vi challenge with me starting in January, so leave a comment or email me if you are interested in finding out more (Canada, USA, Puerto Rico, & Jamaica). I’ll be hosting a Challenge Party at my house soon so everyone can come and test our the shakes. I’ll post the info as soon as it’s booked and you’re all invited.



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One thought on ““Shake” Off the Weight

  1. Invite me I want to know more about this product!


    Posted by Melissa | January 23, 2011, 6:50 pm

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