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Extreme Couponing

Check Your Cereal Box for Coupons

When buying cereal, check to see if any brands are including coupons on the box. 

A couple years ago John and I bought lots of Life cereal, because it’s good and the boxes had coupons on them.  We got the first box on sale and then used the coupon at our next visit to buy the next box which was still on sale and so on.  We only stopped buying that brand when the price went up and we had no coupons left. 

Just this weekend I used a $5.00 coupon on a board game.  We got the coupon from a box of cereal.  We had to buy only a certain brand of board game (Hasbro, Milton Bradly and a couple others).  The least expensive game we could find was a travel size of classic Battleship (always wanted that game as a kid and never got it) for $9.97.  So we bought is for $4.97 plus taxes.  I packed it in the bag I have ready to take to the hospital when my sister in law goes into labour.  She’s due today so fingers crossed I’ll be an Aunt sometime this week. 

We never buy board games, but since we had the coupon we were able to get something fun for ourselves at a good price.

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One thought on “Check Your Cereal Box for Coupons

  1. We got this game for Logan for Christmas 🙂


    Posted by Melissa Powers | January 19, 2011, 12:43 am

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