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Refer 3, Get Your’s FREE

I’ve seen 2 companies lately (one being ViSalus) with this great promotion of REFER 3 AND GET YOUR’S FREE and I think it could work for many direct sales people. 

Mary Kay example:  Refer 3 friends to your MK consultant (or have them at your party) who each purchase a Miracle Skin Care Set ($177 in Canada) and you get your Miracle Skin Care Set FREE.  

For consultants: you would have received payment for $531 for 3 Miracle Sets with a profit of $265.50.  The free Miracle Set costs you $88.50 for a net profit of $177.00.  Now you have 4 people using the Miracle Set.  With good customer service and follow up your years of reorders will pay you over and over again.  Offer those 3 new customers the same deal and keep offering the same to all customers!!!!

When someone calls you for a reorder offer them that item free when they refer 3 others who will buy that same item. 

Make sure you figure out your commission on the 3 sales and insure you are making enough to cover the free product you are offering.  You still want to make money with this promotion. 

This is a great incentive for people to refer 3 good quality leads to you or have 3 very interested people when they hostess a party. 

Leave a comment with an idea that would work for your direct sales, MLM, network marketing or party plan company.

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One thought on “Refer 3, Get Your’s FREE

  1. great article. most people only think about making profit on the first sale. if you look at the potential profit that your average customer brings you over lifetime of a client or customer you will have a better idea of how much you can spend to acquire each new client or customer.
    don’t be afraid to even perhaps lose money when acquiring a new customer if the lifetime value is significant. good stuff here angela keep up the good work


    Posted by BruceMc | January 17, 2011, 11:48 pm

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